Are there any cannabis products for helping with social anxiety?

Published Jul 26, 2019 09:45 a.m. ET
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How do you explain to your friends that you suffer from anxiety?  Those stressful days can be credited to those anxious feelings that you are experiencing. Anxiety concerns are one of the most common reasons people are turning to cannabis for help. Research is proving that cannabis is effective for relieving anxiety; however, paradoxically marijuana, specific strains can worsen the symptoms of anxiety.

CBD and THC are the most common and most active ingredients in the cannabis plant. They can help with anxiety when THC is administered in low doses. There are countless marijuana strains available for consumption today, all with different outcomes from their use.

Strains for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) causes deep fear when at social settings, it can cause panic and anxiety to be exhibited before you engage in social interactions. There is an irrational fear of embarrassment experienced by some. Suffering from this disorder can experience problems when using public washrooms, attending job interviews and dating. More people are using cannabis products to treat social anxiety issues, which is helping to improve life for so many afflicted with SAD.

There are specific strains that help to treat social anxiety. These strains are explicitly directed for helping to address issues of SAD:

1. Good Medicine
CBD hybrid marijuana strain CBD/HC ratio is 1:1 and has proven effective in assisting in the calming effect that this marijuana strain has. It is also a useful sleeping aid.

2. Northern Lights
This strain is perfect for relieving stress and pain. This is an Indica dominant hybrid that may cause a heavy feeling in the eyes and head. It is a great strain for relaxing and quieting those anxious thoughts and can help to calm the mind.

3. Chocolate Chunk
This marijuana strain is 100% Indica and will provide a strong body high, promoting feelings of relaxation and calming effects. For taking full advantage of this heavy-hitting strain, it is best used during the evening hours.

How do THC and CBD treat anxiety?

So, does THC help or hinder social anxiety?  THC can leave you with disoriented feelings that can help to compound those anxious feelings. However, when used in combination with CBD, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, there are positive outcomes if the CBD component of cannabis is higher than THC.

THC products are everywhere, and for some, the higher the concentration of the compound in their THC product, the more satisfying their experience or high is to them. This is not the case for sufferers of anxiety or SAD. An overload of THC can have devastating effects on the SAD person.

Keep in mind that marijuana and its compounds can help to alleviate those anxious feelings and help to promote comfort when in an interacting social environment.


CBD products, including CBD oil, have anxiolytic-like qualities and have a calming effect when consumed.

CBD oil is an edible form of cannabis and can be used effectively and discreetly for treating social anxiety disorders. Using CBD oil for micro-dosing during the day has provided relief to those experiencing the unwanted and life-altering effects that this disorder can display.

CBD oil can be used in gummies or cookies and is becoming a positive method for persons struggling with this disorder to make it through the day. The ingestion of CBD oil and products help to perform their daily tasks with confidence.

Here are some tinctures, gummies that social anxiety sufferers will find beneficial:

Rosebud CBD oil is an all-purpose oil that is often used as a tincture placed under the tongue if you want fast absorption. It can also be used as a topical and for further excitement, use this full-spectrum oil in your favorite recipe. 350 mg CBD oil 5 oz container, 30 servings per container, serving size ½ a dropper. $55.00

Robyn CBD oil is the top shelf of all tinctures, according to the news. The tincture is pricy, but the company assures that the product is well worth it. The terpenes in this CBD oil increase the effects and absorption of the products. 50mg CBD in a one-ounce 30ml dropper container. $150.00

Lord Jones Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops are the perfect hostess gift for the CBD connoisseur. Each gumdrop contains 20mg of CBD per candy and has a nine-count per delicious box. $45.00

Remember to go low and slow if you prefer to use edibles containing THC/CBD to assist with your disorder. You will find relief in a way that pharmaceutical drugs can not provide.

Cannabis is proving to be a trusted friend to the social anxiety patient, keeping calmness and positivity at the forefront of all who are using marijuana to help with this condition.

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