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Organized crime drug ring manipulated medical pot regime

An organized crime group north of Toronto manipulated Canada’s medical marijuana system to produce thousands of pot plants for the black market as par...
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Fun and informative Facebook pages about cannabis

Social media platforms are highly censoring all cannabis-related content. This has made it challenging for everyday consumers to connect....
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Celebrity couples that used cannabis as a prop for their wedding

Everything related to cannabis from the leaves to the bongs has become a centerpiece for many celebrities’ weddings....
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Why cannabis education should get to the public

Education can turn an opponent into a supporter, as education is a very important form of advocacy....
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Cannabis friendly hotels and resorts for the ultimate stoner vacation

The cannabis industry is profitable, and businesses are trying to tap into that vast amount of wealth....
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This Marijuana Museum in Las Vegas is one of a kind

A museum is usually a fun place for people to see ancient artifacts or artistic works, and this one has all of that and more....
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Will Canadian children be learning about cannabis this coming September?

If you think that your own household is bong and cannabis free and there’s no need for concern, then you might want to think again....
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How to roll a joint that looks like a UFO

Learning how to roll a joint that is this unique does require some prior skills with rolling papers, and it is not recommended for beginners....
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How to smoke weed for beginners

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, there are a lot more people who are considering this exciting opportunity for themselves....