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How to make CBD oil at home

Though the media continues to focus on marijuana products infused with THC, CBD products are quickly growing in popularity...
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Fun fall cannabis-infused recipes

Here we have three delightful, heartwarming cannabis edibles recipes that are sure to wow the taste buds....
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Insta pot recipes for cannabis edibles

Whether you own a genuine Insta pot or some other version, these recipes are compatible for all different brands of instant cooking pots....
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Cannabis-infused slow-cooked pot roast recipe

It doesn’t take skill to master edibles, only a keen eye for measurements, and a cautious attitude regarding dosing....
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Cannabutter chocolate chip edible cookie dough in under 10 minutes

This edible cookie dough recipe takes any snacking hobby to the extreme, by using cannabutter as a base of infusion....
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Pumpkin pecan waffles made with cannabutter

We have all tried a pumpkin latte or flavor shot in our Tim Horton’s coffee, but this combination is one of the few out there that makes a perfect bre...
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Edible mushrooms and 2 other easy cannabis infused side dish recipes

These mouth-watering sides pair well with any meal and are just as delicious when enjoyed on their own....
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How to make tea with marijuana buds

Edibles can be a fun and exciting way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the adverse effects of smoking....
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How to make topical THC oil for pain

Lotions balms and salves are exceptional items to keep on hand for anyone experiencing pain....