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A few important things you should know before using medical marijuana to self-medicate

Self-medicating involves the process of administering a treatment with no consultation with a doctor....
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Study shows endocannabinoids may signal healthiness of your diet

A team of researchers conducted a mouse model to find out about the effect of the endocannabinoid and eating habits....
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The difference between recreational and medical marijuana

For medicinal use, the most popular strains of the marijuana plant for medicine usually have a 2:1 or 1:1 CBD/THC ratio....
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Cannabis strains to help with getting a better night’s sleep

The most interesting thing is, THC can actually help with sleep, and decrease the number of interruptions that is experienced on any given night....
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Science: Cannabidiol has potential to be antibiotic-resistant bacteria killer, huge medical news

Is the compound CBD produced from the cannabis plant the superpower needed to fight in the war against resistant superbugs?...
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Cannabis and pharmaceutical research

Marijuana is a promising medicine in the pharmaceutical industry. ...
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Why are women using cannabis during pregnancy?

Studies indicate that more women are using cannabis both before and during the early stages of their pregnancy today. ...
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Survey says: marijuana use climbing higher than tobacco use for young Americans

Gallup poll shows that tobacco smoking is at a 75-year low, so the numbers are down. However, the number of youths smoking marijuana are on the rise....
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What effects/ingredients to shop for in CBD beauty products

Beauty products are a multi-million-dollar business. When you add the benefits of CBD to the mix, the market blossoms even more. Sales of this fantast...