CBD and anxiety, can it help?

Published Feb 7, 2019 05:01 p.m. ET

The potential benefits of CBD in treating anxiety is greatly positive. General anxiety has been shown to be reduced with the use of CBD products. CBD has provided a calming feeling for some people who use it. CBD oil is edible and use under the tongue can be of benefit in treating the symptoms of anxiety.

There will be no “high” from ingesting CBD oil derived from the hemp plant. Sometime cannabidiol is sold as a type of hemp oil; it will have traces of THC so minute you will not experience psychoactive feelings.

Anxiety disorders are very common in North America accounting for about over 30 percent of adults in the country with this disorder. CBD has natural anti-anxiety compounds that can calm anxiety without the nasty side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs. The effects that CBD has on the brain has proven to reduce anxiety.

CBD oil dosage for anxiety can spread over a wide range, from a small number of ml to hundreds of ml. The suggestion is widely noted that the dosage should start low and increase if needed over a few weeks or possibly months. A good starting point would be 10 to 20 mg a day. This could be administered once a day or broken into two doses daily.

CBD capsules are a convenient and discreet way of administering your medicine.

CannTrust delivers a strong CBD capsule. The ratio is 1mg THC and 10mg CBD.

5 grams of dried flowers is the equivalent of the 30-count bottle. Price $36.00  

60 CBD capsules in the equivalent of 10 grams of dried flower. Price $72.00

Tilray capsules are medically formulated to provide constant precise dosing. These capsules are designed for a longer lasting effect. Effects from CBD capsules can be different depending onwhen and if the CBD capsule was taken on an empty stomach or not. For a dependable result, when using extracts, it is good to take at the same time every day. This way the benefits of the CBD capsule, will remain consistent.

Tilray brand of CBD Capsules for anxiety are available in two strengths:


• 5:20 CBD Capsules
• 10:10 Balance Capsules

Tilray uses a state-of-the-art cold extraction process. The product is 100% decarboxylated and ready for immediate use for anxiety-related disorders like:

• Social phobia
• Generalized Anxiety Disorder
• Mild to modern depression
• Panic disorder

All these disorders are benefited by the anti-anxiety properties that CBD capsules possess.

Researchers report that some people when administered CBD noticed decreased levels of anxiety. The blood-flow pattern in their brain scans was conducive to an anti-anxiety effect. The reports of lowered blood pressure and lowered heart rates were also consistent when tests were administered.

If you would like to introduce CBD into your daily regime for aiding with your anxiety disorder, it is wise for you to discuss your intent with your physician.

The following are some high-quality CBD Oil for anxiety:

• Koi CBD Oil is 99.9% pure, completely natural and THC free. $40 - $320
• Plus CBD Oil is effective for chronic pain and very effective for anxiety. $25-$390

Anxiety is a mental health disease that can be helped with the use of CBD. Do your research in finding a reputable supplier. Your dosing should start slow, and the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety will be achieved.



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