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What are the best terms to use for cannabis?

There are literally hundreds of slang terms that have been used to describe either the marijuana plant or its derived products.....
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What is cannabis wax?

The cannabis wax contains 60-80% of THC, and the amount of THC found in the wax is much greater than the amount found in a single joint of weed....
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Are there any gourmet cannabis edibles?

Cannabis can be used to make so many things, and the incorporation of weed into food is just another delightful way to enjoy your cannabis....
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Grinder cards: What they are, and how to use one

It doesn’t matter how you like to partake; the ability to bust apart herb quickly and efficiently can help to enhance the overall experience....
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10 things that you should know about recreational marijuana

There is really no one size fits all approach when it comes to the elements from the marijuana plant....
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A beginner’s guide: How to vape marijuana concentrates

Knowing where to start is only the beginning to a long and fruitful relationship with marijuana....
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The difference between recreational and medical marijuana

Ultimately marijuana, either medically or recreational sourced, comes from the same marijuana plant....
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The best vape mods for beginners

The idea of producing a vape mod came from vape pen users modifying the e-cigarette to their specific wants and needs....
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How to make a gravity bong

Homemade bongs have been utilized for hundreds of years by cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world....