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How much air conditioning is safe to have in a grow room or tent?

If you have a history of growing cannabis outside, then chances are, you might be nervous about attempting to move your precious grow indoors....
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Homemade weed killer that is safe for your cannabis plants

.Here, you will find a few neat ideas for all-natural homemade weed killer options that will keep your marijuana plant chemical-free and thriving. ...
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How far you should place your lights away from your cannabis plants

High-Intensity Discharge lights are more efficient than growing cannabis with fluorescent lights....
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Cannabis videos on YouTube you won’t want to miss

No matter what your experience level is, it can be challenging to find good educational information relating to weed....
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Why you might want to consider hybridizing some of your cannabis plants

Most people know that all cannabis strains produce THC, many don’t realize the process required to create the many types of weed we all know and love...
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Measuring soil PH level is important for growing cannabis

figuring out how to maintain the PH levels of your growing medium should be one of the first things put on your to-do list....
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Small areas you might not have thought of that are perfect for growing cannabis plants

Now that pot is legal in Canada, a lot of people are contemplating the idea of growing a few cannabis plants.....
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Amino acids used in growing cannabis

We now know that amino acid is healthy for the body, but do we know the benefit of using amino acid to grow cannabis?...
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Aloe Vera and cannabis

Aloe vera is good for your hair and your immune system. Did you know that aloe vera can be beneficial for your cannabis plants?...