Recent data shows which cannabis products people are using most in the U.S.

Published Jul 16, 2019 01:01 p.m. ET
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The idea of legalization is just beginning to set in for many people, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing down the cannabis industry at all. In fact, the multi-billion dollar market is beyond flourishing, and now, the federal government is moving to adopt more lenient policies which would allow for even more products to be readily available for consumers. We hear a lot about the dry buds that are so famously featured in stoner films everywhere, but there are plenty much more unique cannabis products out there.

Headset is a company that offers analytical services to businesses that are working in the cannabis industry. This can help them to make sense out of data from their respective business and translate that information into some of the best decision making possible. Part of what they do to make that happen is some of their own market research, and one of their most recent findings include a list of the hottest cannabis products that are on dispensary shelves right now.

The study

The point of this research was to establish with absolute certainty an average for the number of people that are choosing to consume cannabis products like beverages, capsules, concentrates, bud, edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals, and vape pens. Their findings are divided into three categories, including the average market share per region, by state, and the average prices that are found across four different states.

Statewide cannabis products cost

Participants from four states that have access to legal cannabis dispensaries, including California, Nevada, Colorado, and Washington. Though the type of cannabis products seemed to vary right across the board, in general, the most expensive place to buy marijuana is Nevada, and Washington state is the cheapest region to find your pot based goodies. There was one other portion to the report, but it sought out the varying numbers of people who use cannabis products, and it showed a mere 1%-2% difference between city dwellers and those who reside in more rural areas. Below you will find the exact numbers for each type of cannabis items divided by state.


  • Prerolls $16
  • Concentrates $33
  • Edibles $18
  • Buds $35
  • Vape pens $45


  • Prerolls $15
  • Concentrates $39
  • Edibles $21
  • Buds $31
  • Vape pens $48


  • Prerolls $9
  • Concentrates $25
  • Edibles $19
  • Buds $26
  • Vape pens $36


  • Prerolls $9
  • Concentrates $25
  • Edibles $19
  • Buds $25
  • Vape pens $35
  • These cannabis products prices are merely an average cost of items that fit into that category. For example, buds could be one gram, and they could also be half of an ounce. *

Market share in each region

The next step was to figure out how much of the market is taken by each of the different cannabis products. Each one differed slightly by state, but below you will find the average right across the country.

Beverages- 1%
Capsules- 8%
Concentrates- 11%
Edibles- 6%
Bud- 53%
Pre-rolls- 10%
Tinctures- 1%
Topicals- 1%
Vape pens- 9%


Market share by state

There were very few differences noted between consumers that live in rural, suburban, or urban areas. However, there is a bit more variation in the cannabis industry, when the data is viewed on a state by state basis. Here you will find that information for six different regions, including British Columbia, which is located outside of the United States.

British Columbia

  • Prerolls 22%
  • Concentrates 10%
  • Edibles 12%
  • Buds 55%
  • Vape pens 1%


  • Prerolls 10%
  • Concentrates 5%
  • Edibles 11%
  • Buds 50%
  • Vape pens 12%
  • Cultivation 9%
  • Topicals 3%

Washington DC

  • Prerolls 5%
  • Concentrates 10%
  • Edibles 10%
  • Buds 67%
  • Vape pens 8%


  • Prerolls 2%
  • Concentrates 15%
  • Edibles 25%
  • Buds 39%
  • Vape pens 2%
  • Capsules 3%
  • Topicals 5%
  • Tinctures 6%
  • Beverages 1%


  • Prerolls 10%
  • Concentrates 16%
  • Edibles 21%
  • Buds 41%
  • Vape pens 7%
  • Topicals 2%
  • Capsules 3%


  • Prerolls 18%
  • Concentrates 13%
  • Edibles 9%
  • Buds 53%
  • Vape pens 7%

What does this mean?

The cannabis industry has come a long way since the days of prohibition, and the results of this study show that. At one time, the most popular cannabis products were pure bud, with a handful of concentrates thrown into the mix. Nowadays, the market is full of more educated consumers that are seeking specific products from their local cannabis dispensaries. The most distinct trends seem to be driven by the health-focused younger generations, that are preferring alternatives like vaping, edibles, and other effective concentrates, that don’t come paired with an adverse impact on lung health.

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