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42 operators chosen to apply for licences in second lottery

TORONTO — Ontario has selected 42 operators who can apply to run cannabis shops in the province....
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CannTrust's auditor no longer endorses 2018 financial statement amid controversy

CannTrust Holdings Inc.’s independent outside auditor has withdrawn its endorsement of the company’s 2018 financial statements, the latest fallout fro...
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Is it easier to obtain black market cannabis vs legal products in Canada?

Though there are currently over 100 dispensaries that are fully functional and properly licensed in Canada, it is not enough to be accessible for ever...
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Ontario has now begun its second license lottery for cannabis stores

Licensing for retail vendors were administered in a unique and some say haphazard way, using a lottery system with no requirements beyond financial ba...
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The best cannabis dispensaries to visit in 2019

You no longer need to ask where a dispensary near me is located, because today, there is the option of purchasing many types of weed online....
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Cannabis stocks, are they truly a lucrative investment?

As marijuana legalization becomes a reality in many states, more people are eager to enter the industry....
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Canadians views on cannabis since legalization

Canadians were long awaiting the legalization of marijuana use, and now that it legal, they have mixed opinions on the full spectrum of legalization....
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Lottery for next wave of Ontario cannabis stores being held today

TORONTO — Ontario is holding its second lottery to select operators hoping to run cannabis shops in the province....
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Grower: 5,000 in Louisiana medical marijuana program so far

BATON ROUGE, La. — Two weeks after Louisiana patients began receiving medical marijuana, the program is humming along without supply disruption.....