Benefits of CBD gummies other than the delicious taste

Published May 26, 2019 09:17 a.m. ET
Photo Credit:Patrick Morrissey CBD gummies Canada.

Before we can discuss the benefits of CBD, we need to know what it is. CBD, AKA a cannabidiol, is delivered in many different forms, some of which are listed here:

• Oil
• Isolate
• Tincture
• Lotion
• Edibles

Let’s discuss the benefits of CBD in the gummy form or the edible state. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Easy to ingest: this form of CBD administering is delicious. There is no choking as can be experienced when swallowing pills. You are presented with a mouthwatering easy to chew gummy.

  2. No out of head psychotropic effects and feelings: you will not experience that “high” no matter how much you eat, THC is needed for that experience to take place.

  3. No need to take large amounts to feel effects: taking CBD through your stomach will give you better effects than when smoked/vaped.

  4. Longer lasting effects: when absorbed through the stomach, the effects last for longer than an hour or so. When chewing CBD gummies, the effects are released slowly helping to provide a longer relief for pain and anxiety

  5. Effects on Lungs/throat when smoked: this is not an issue as eating your CBD has no effects on those organs or body parts. For those that need CBD for medicinal reasons chewing your CBD compared to smoking or vaping is one of the best methods to provide the medicine needed.

  • Easy dosing: gummies are an easy way to for accurate medicinal dosing of CBD.

  • Discreet: This could be one of the best benefits that gummies provide. No need to hide your marijuana medicine; no one can tell. No other equipment or material is necessary, just pop one into your mouth and reap the benefits of freedom from pain.

  • Minimal CBD side effects: there are only two primary side effects to CBD gummies, there is a decreased ability in the metabolization of medication, and some users complain of a dry mouth. Be sure to talk with health provider when using a combination of prescription medication and CBD due to CBD ability to decrease the bodies liver abilities in processing some pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Delicious tastes: gummies can come in many flavors, strawberry, watermelon cherry, and other mouthwatering tastes, cannabis alone does tend to have an earthy taste that is not pleasing to all palates.

  • Antioxidant properties: CBD will help in the removal of free radicals that are known for attributing to medical conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Pain and swelling issues: CBD gummies are perfect for interacting with receptors in your brain that help to relieve swelling and pain is different parts of your body.

  • Credit: Patrick Morrissey

    CBD gummies are proving to be a viable means of administering Cannabis medicine discreetly and effectively. As with any added medication, always start small, go slow, and be patient. After taking your gummy for the first time wait for 30 minutes to test the waters, so to speak if all is good and you need more relief to indulge in the delicious mouthwatering varieties of CBD gummies that are available for you to benefit from and enjoy.



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