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The truth about Cannabis Addiction

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, it is time to address some of the most urgent concerns that so many Canadians have surrounding consumption....
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Study: Cannabis use doesn’t have negative effects on brain structure in men

There was similarity in their subcortical and cortical volumes as well as the thickness of the brain....
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Have you ever heard of laser bongs?

The cost of a decent bong can range from an affordable $100 to $24,000 for the over the moon technology of the laser bong....
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The latest Harvard IPI research on cannabis in third world countries

The IPI Institute at Harvard has embarked on a plan to research the medical use of cannabis in third world countries....
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Weedmaps is a popular connection for buying weed online, but is it safe?

Weed maps offers one avenue that is full of illicit cannabis products, and the risks that come with using it are not for the faint of heart....
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New analysis finds link between vaping and cannabis use in teens, young adults

MONTREAL — Teens and young adults who use electronic cigarettes are significantly more likely to use cannabis as well, according to a new study ...
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When the news claims THC has been found in autopsies, they might be lying

A study conducted by a Colorado researcher, Andrea Tully, may disturb long-standing research on THC levels and impairment....
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The research on vaping vs smoking cannabis

The legalization of marijuana is spreading across the world. As marijuana use increases, people are finding new ways to use marijuana. ...
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How cannabis effects your Kidneys/benefit for kidney disease?

Medical marijuana is becoming an alternative treatment for patients suffering from many ailments....