The best cannabis products for windy days

Published Jun 16, 2023 09:00 a.m. ET
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Whether you’re a daily enthusiast or casual consumer, windy days can make your favourite way to use cannabis a lot more difficult, and that is especially true if joints, blunts or pipes are your go to choice. Heavy winds can make the whole experience less enjoyable, from lighting the herb to having to keep small lightweight tools and papers from flying away.

Even the most loyal joint lovers who wouldn’t normally accept a buzz that isn’t delivered in a cloud of smoke may want to consider having one or two of these suggested cannabis products on hand because they’re far less stressful to use once the gusts are strong enough to render a lighter useless.

1. Vaporizers

Most cannabis smokers prefer an experience that’s similar, and for those left unsatisfied by anything less vaporizers are the best solution to the problems they often face in high speed winds. Instead of struggling with blown out flames and grind blowing around, opt for a vape. These tools are designed to work despite strong gusts of wind, making them a great alternative to joints, blunts or bowls.

With discreet portable pens filled with powerful products ranging from flower to stronger concentrates, you’ll get a similar experience with so much less stress!

2. Inhalers

Inhalers are a relatively new option with a very unique and discreet delivery that kicks in almost as fast as smoking or vaping. These devices offer a precise dose of inhalable cannabinoids in each spray, much like you’d expect from any other inhaler. It’s smoke-free, odorless, fast, and even the strongest gusts of wind won’t impact how it functions.

With contents formulated to absorb quickly and effectively contained within a compact portable device that’s convenient to carry or pull out as needed, and easy to use even when you’re on the move, inhalers are a great option to replace joints, blunts, or bowls on blustery days.

3. Capsules

Most tokers don’t particularly care to hide their use since they’re used to being seen puffing away on their favourite herb, but from time to time, discretion can be useful, and in those situations it may be worthwhile to consider capsules. With no smoke, no smell, and no obvious hits off a joint, vape pen, bong, or pipe, these handy little things are nearly undetectable and practical.

All you need is a sip of water. No accessories required, they come in a durable container to withstand pressure that’s perfect for travel, and you can take one or two on the windiest days without any trouble at all.


4. Edibles

When the strength of mother nature makes it hard to smoke or vape, edibles can be a reliable wind resistant alternative. Infused snacks come in all shapes, sizes and doses, with options ranging from simple gummies to decadent chocolate bars, and baked goods.

They’ll fill you up and deliver the effects you desire paired with delightful flavors. Edibles are also relatively easy to take with you anywhere, and they offer longer lasting effects, so you won’t have to indulge as often to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

5. Cannabis-infused drinks and tinctures

On cold windy days a hot cup of cannabis infused tea or coffee is sure to hit the spot. When it’s warmer, infused sodas, sparkling water, and juice give the added benefit of a refreshing boost. Tinctures on the other hand can be added to any drink to instantly create a cannabis infused beverage, or taken alone and it only takes a few drops of this extract to get the job done.

Whether you prefer a refreshing beverage or a few drops of cannabis-infused tincture , these products deliver an enjoyable elevated experience even in blustery conditions.

So get ready to embrace windy days and use them as a reason to explore the diverse range of cannabis-infused drinks, tinctures, capsules, vapes, and edibles that are available on the market today!

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