Cannabis drinks have so much potential

Published Dec 12, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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Weed drinks take the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes to the next level but that’s not all these incredible products can do. They might currently be viewed as a small niche in the market – a small and barely noticeable unique addition to the many offerings available to consumers. However, that’s all going to change as the world learns about and becomes more comfortable with these amazing cannabis products.


Smoking is the most popular method of using cannabis; Effects kick in immediately, it’s affordable and also the simplest way to get the job done, but now that consumers have access to legal quality tested CBD and THC drinks, and they’re more aware of the importance of maintaining one's health, it’s often easier in practice and on the lungs to make the switch. As new enthusiasts and canna-curious hop in on the scene, they’re leaning towards options that won’t cause damage to the body, like cannabis drinks.

Length of effects

If you know anything about cannabis drinks, it should be that the effects can be much longer-lasting than what you might expect from a few puffs off a joint. That’s great news for recreational consumers who would like to reduce the amount they smoke, as well as anyone that prefers a lengthier trip. Then there are the medicinal users that won’t have to worry about getting relief as often, and once you realize all of that, it’s almost hard to believe this transition hasn’t already happened!

A familiar scene

Legal cannabis is a brand-new thing, and though the sight of it might not be that out of the ordinary for many of us, the majority of the population is far more comfortable interacting with alcohol. We’re used to casual drinks at the bar with friends and weed drinks can accurately mimic the experience only with different effects. People like what they already know, and whether they're aware or not, most would find a group enjoying some cannabis drinks together to be a familiar scene.



Cannasseurs would say that the taste of smoking is something that is pleasurable and a significant part of the overall experience for many and weed drinks can do this in an entirely different way. Combining complementary flavors with the ideal strains in cannabis drinks can erase the taste that is often associated with edibles, making them far more enjoyable than alternative options. They might not be everyone's cup of tea. Still, the difference for the palate is likely to steer both new and old consumers towards drinkable solutions for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

A powerful kick

There’s something about the way cannabis drinks make you feel that makes them in no way comparable to smoking because the effects are far more powerful. That’s great news for medical patients looking for more intense therapeutic options that might allow them to reduce or eliminate other painkillers from their treatment plan as well as for those experienced consumers who are looking for something that offers just a little bit more than concentrate or flower.

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