Introduction to THC pills and CBD capsules

Published Feb 13, 2019 04:10 p.m. ET

In an ever-evolving world of marijuana products, it is important that we educate ourselves on the expected effects, chemical contents, and most common reasons for using them. Today we will focus specifically on THC pills and CBD capsules which are both cannabis derived products with dramatically different uses from one another. Some people assume that anything that is made using a marijuana plant will automatically get you high, but that isn’t the case, and in truth, most manufacturers that process the cannabis plant raw are marketing their marijuana products for the nutrients and vitamins and not at all for their cannabinoid content. While both THC and CBD have medicinal uses, there are some vast differences between the two chemicals and how they interact with a person that is ingesting them.

THC Pills

THC pills contain a high dosage of cannabis oil that is used for its THC content that usually falls around 80% THC. The oil is generally made using a potent strain of cannabis and extracting its components using a method that also activates the THCA into THC. These pills are made using the very same oil that you would smoke or vape that is encapsulated and then taken orally.

THC pill uses

These are most often used by those experiencing severe amounts of pain or other afflictions such as lack of appetite, nausea, lack of sleep, muscle spasms, glaucoma, anxiety, or depression. They are also more recently gaining traction amongst the recreational community now that they are legal and relatively easy to make for yourself without a prescription.

The effects of THC Pills

THC pills like many marijuana products will produce a psychoactive high. This is because of the process that is used to make the oil that heats the THCA and converts it into THC providing the active qualities so often sought after by both medicinal and recreational users. THC pills are known for giving sensations of euphoria and are sedatives that are entirely natural and non-toxic. The effects can last anywhere from 12-24 hours after they have been ingested and take up to two hours to provide relief as the THC kicks in. Pills like any edible are absorbed through the person’s liver taking up to two full hours for the effects to be felt.

CBD capsules


CBD capsules are unique because they are usually used for medicinal reasons. They come in a couple of different types including full spectrum and pure tablets. Full spectrum CBD capsules will usually contain an even amount of both CBD and THC, where a pure kind will only have CBD. Full spectrum CBD capsules are often made using the same type of oil as THC pills, so the THC still needs to be activated to work, but pure CBD capsules are more frequently made using tinctures that have been extracted from a plant that produces high quantities of both substances.

CBD capsule uses

CBD is an anti-inflammatory that is capable of providing relief for many of the same symptoms that THC pills can, with the most significant difference being that it does not produce a stereotypical high, so it is used for more mild cases. CBD capsules can help to treat seizures, pain due to inflammation, inflammation, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, migraines, anxiety, depression, nausea, and psychosis.

The effects of CBD capsules

The experienced effects and how they will impact a user will depend on several things including the amount taken, and the length of time CBD has been ingested. CBD is the only medication we are currently aware of that lingers in a patients system in a productive way. After regular consumption of CBD,, it is completely normal to have heightened sensations and more benefits from taking less. Since CBD capsules do not cause any of the same intense sensations that THC or full spectrum kinds will, it’s easier to describe possible side effects such as fatigue, lack of motivation, or a groggy feeling.


CBD alone may be an effective treatment for some people, but for those who suffer from more debilitating symptoms, a full spectrum CBD capsule or a THC pill will likely to be more effective. Anyone seeking an option for recreational use should look into THC options as CBD alone will not produce the psychoactive or euphoric effects you maybe after. CBD can, however, have medical benefits for recreational users as well, which is something that should be considered when choosing a marijuana product regardless of your motivations.



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