Are smokeless cannabis inhalers safe?

Published Apr 26, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Along with the many ways to consume cannabis that we had before, there is now a smokeless inhaler. You use it by inhaling just like an asthma inhaler, and they are smokeless, odourless, and very discrete. Those are all very appealing benefits to someone who wants to have a puff anywhere, with no one ever realizing what you’re up to.

The question is, are they safe?

Yes, the cannabis inhaler is safe. This inhaler offers an excellent choice for those that choose not to smoke, and it provides many medical benefits. There was a clinical trial in the 1970s by a pulmonologist Donald. P. T Ashkin and his research showed that using a cannabis inhaler was safer than smoking or orally administered cannabis. The use of aerosols as a way to consume cannabis is much more reliable than vaping because there is no smoke and almost no smell, and that makes inhalers safe and discrete because they dispense the cleanest form of isolated cannabinoids.


These inhalers are filled with cannabis oil and an ethanol-based formulation which is used to thin the cannabis concentrate to reach a suitable consistency. The only difference between a cannabis inhaler and an asthma inhaler is a cannabis-based formulation and an asthma-based formulation.

Cannabinoid inhalers can have a good effect on those with asthma, as they have been shown to enhance lung function in those that have breathing difficulties. That is good news for those that have COPD and other respiratory ailments. Cannabis inhalers are going to be the next craze for a good reason because many people are going to benefit from these devices.



Israel scientists have been focusing on creating a THC and CBD inhaler that is an effective beneficial cannabis product. The intent is to help people with chronic, acute, or painful cancer symptoms, but also those that have other respiratory illnesses like asthma and COPD. They are now making sure to work out all of the kinks before it goes on the market for those medical reasons.

The Israeli companies that are creating the inhaler for medical purposes are Panaxia Pharmaceuticals and Rfa Pharmaceuticals. Panxia has released information about new clinical trials that the country’s Ministry of Health has approved. The point of the experiments is to gain a better understanding of the bioavailability of marijuana with controlled doses.

Colorado has the Aero inhaler, which is now available in the United States. The weed inhaler offers 100 puffs and is perfect if you are mountain biking, hiking or just out and about. The inhalers could be considered the healthiest way to consume cannabis. There is no lighter needed, and that means you are not inhaling the fluids from the lighter. No heat necessary. Just pure cannabis packed with flavourful terpenes. This tool can complement those living an active lifestyle by delivering the same dose every time you will know what to expect.

The THC inhalers are safe for use, and they also seem to be much more reliable than smoking. While there are still studies going on, the belief is that cannabis inhalers just might be the new way to get your daily dose of medicinal marijuana.

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