Why you may want to trade your bong for edibles or other smokeless goods

Published Apr 10, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread across the globe, our health is at the forefront of most people's minds, and as a result, some are choosing to make better decisions when it comes to how they decide to enjoy their cannabis.

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t care about the outbreak, when this is all over, you will want to enjoy the years that you have ahead of you in the best of health, hence the reason we thought that it would be helpful to go over some of the benefits that come along with choosing an alternative method of consumption that is better than smoking.

1. More control over dose

A lot of people don’t realize this, but judging how much THC is in some buds isn’t something that can be done with the naked eye, and even if you knew the exact amount, you wouldn’t be inhaling all of it through smoking. Have you ever noticed the cloud of smoke that looms in a room that has recently been toked in?

That smoke is so thick because a lot of it is full of the cannabinoids that you didn’t use. Second-hand cannabis smoke holds some of the unconsumed cannabinoids, as well as other things that waft off of joints or a bong, never makeing it into the lungs.

When an alternative method such as vaping, edibles, inhalers, or THC oil is chosen, these products are measured with precision, and since you use all of them, it is only a very small amount that doesn’t ultimately make it into the bloodstream. This leads to less waste and much more precise control overdose that cannot be achieved through smoking.

2. Longer shelf life

Since we’re all needing to stock up as much as possible as we continue to practice social distancing, it’s a really good idea to stock up on cannabis goods that will last for a long time in storage without degrading. That is especially true when you’re looking for a product to stash away for months on end, and you just won’t find that with marijuana buds alone.

They break down from motion, light exposure, and the air that is in the jar or storage container surrounding them, which starts the cycle of degrading the powerful cannabinoids that lie within, but alternatives such as THC capsules, or RSO, can last months without going bad, or losing potency, which makes them way easier to stock up on to enjoy when you need the relief the most.


3. Easy to sanitize

Smokeless cannabis products like vape cartridges, pre-packaged edibles, and RSO come packed away in airtight containers that are really easy to wipe down and disinfect, and store away without having to switch up containers or invest in an expensive stash box that maintains perfect temperature and humidity. For the germaphobe on a good day or the worried stoner in the middle of an epidemic, smokeless cannabis goods truly can offer some peace of mind.

4. Health

Whether you enjoy oral doses of cannabinoids through edibles or you prefer inhalable options like spray or inhalers that are absorbed through the lungs, the effects of smokeless products are short-lived, as they do not adversely impact the health of your lungs, and do not inflict damage after long term use. So, if your health is your number one priority right now, or ever, then you may greatly benefit from a change in your daily routine.

5. The effects will last longer

Joints or a bong hit kicks in immediately, but those effects are incredibly short-lived and begin to wear off in as little as 20 minutes, which isn’t a very long time. That means you will want to continue smoking to keep the effects going throughout the day, but you don’t have to deal with the continuous smoking with smokeless cannabis goods that are not inhaled through the lungs.

So that means the benefits of things like edibles or RSO, both of which are absorbed into the bloodstream using alternative methods of ingestion which injects the cannabinoids into the system through the lining of the stomach, aren't consistent with all smokeless cannabis products, but it’s something that holds true with so many options that are out there on the market today.

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