5 ways to get the effects of medical marijuana without smoking

Published Feb 20, 2019 01:57 p.m. ET

Many of those who require medicinal cannabis to relieve various health-related symptoms would prefer an option that doesn't come saddled with possible negative health effects especially if they are medicating for problems related to the lungs or cancer which smoking can further agitate. While there isn’t any reason to think or assume that there are major health risks associated with smoking marijuana, we do know that any kind of smoke ingestion can and likely will aggravate the lungs making smoking a less appealing method of ingestion. Luckily there are many other ways you can consume cannabis that may even be more enjoyable depending on personal preferences.

1. Cannabis Nebulizer
One of the most frequently asked questions on the web is; can you use nebulizer to smoke weed? The short answer is no, but you can use one to drink it. A cannabis nebulizer offers all the same perks that smoking does except it is free of any smell, taste, or smoke. These medical grade devices come recommended by doctors and are truly one of a kind, utilizing what is called emulsion technology that extracts both THC and CBD with almost no effort required from the user. Just add your bud to the extraction chamber and water to the tank before hitting the start button and watch it do its magic as the water is instantly transformed into marijuana-infused water. A cannabis nebulizer is compact, easy to clean, and functions off two AA batteries or a power adapter, making it both versatile and easy to use while on the go. Included you will find BPA free medical grade tubing and components to ensure the highest quality experience possible with no contaminants.

2. Inhaler
A cannabis inhaler contains highly concentrated THC or CBD filled liquid cartridges that function the same as a regular inhaler for asthma. Using an inhaler instead of smoking weed offers similar benefits to the nebulizer only in a slightly more concentrated form. An inhaler will come prefilled with a cartridge of liquid that is safe to inhale in frequent small doses, as needed and requires nothing more than the push of a button to activate. Most inhaler chambers won’t even specify the strain used as the taste is fleeting and short-lived since most of the liquid goes directly into the user’s lungs. Most will provide around 650 mg of THC in one tank and each inhale from the device will administer 100 10mg puffs which gives the user 7 mg of THC and 2 mg of terpenes with every single use. There are full spectrum, THC and CBD options available for those who need a more personalized treatment plan for specific symptoms.

3. Transdermal Weed Patch
If you don’t want to be bothered with having to carry around or use any kind of device than this may be the best option for you. When you use a transdermal weed patch, it’s more of a set it and forget it kind of scenario. The patchesare sold in various strengths ranging from 10mg to 30mg that can include CBD, THC, or both that are slowly delivered to the user via direct skin contact. This pushes the cannabinoids through the blood rather than through the lungs making a more immediate impact in the surrounding areas that the patch is placed while also traveling through the rest of the body to provide long-lasting time released relief. Using a patch is as easy as pulling off the adhesive backing and sticking it to anywhere you would like. Discreet and functional lasting up to 24 hours per patch.


4. Weed Gum
Gum is something many of us chew on daily anyway to relax or to freshen our breath, so the addition of a THC infused option is exciting. With weed gum, you can also have preferred flavors that the majority of marijuana concentrates simply do not offer. There are companies offering hundreds of different flavor choices from traditional bubblegum and mint to more exotic ones like mango and passionfruit. Weed gum is a funand smoke-free alternative that many medical marijuana patients are turning to. It’s affordable, easy to personalize, and will hold up when crammed in a tiny tin or in a purse while you travel without you having to worry about it breaking or degrading. Weed gum can be used discreetly, offering those who need a regular dose an easy to obtain method while still attending work or other day to day activities. One of the best parts about weed gum is that it will last forever while stored. That alone makes it a perfect addition to any medicinal cabinet in place of Tylenol or Advil for symptoms such as pain or inflammation to due injury, during menstruation for period cramps, and any other situations where a fast dose of pain relief may not be regularly required but welcomed when it is needed.

5. Tinctures
Cannabis tinctures are one of the most versatile options for several reasons. There is no smell; it is easy to measure out, doses that can be taken orally via a dropper or incorporated into your favorite recipes to create delicious edibles, drinks, or smoothies. Alcohol-based tinctures, cannabutter, and cannaoilare all excellent base ingredients for creating some strong edibles that are long lasting and of course, taste great too!



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