Tips on what cannabis strains are best for camping

Published Jul 23, 2019 09:23 a.m. ET
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What could be better than fresh air and fresh marijuana? This summer why not take to the open roads and find the perfect place to set up your tent. Camping and smoking marijuana seems to be an ideal pair. Look for those marijuana strains that will ease those anxious feelings. Cannabis has the qualities to take you back to nature and be at one with mother earth while enjoying the views of the sparkling night.

Here are some tips to follow, things to pack as well as some general rules to follow in helping ensure your cannabis camping excursion is everything you want it to be.

  1. Ensure to do some research on the marijuana strain that you are taking on the trip. Nothing is worse than not enjoying the ‘high’ and the effect you were expecting from a marijuana strain. Marijuana strains are as different as people. By that, it is safe to say that marijuana strains affect each of us differently. The marijuana strains your camping companion uses may produce unwanted effects when you partake in their contribution to the camping trip. As such, it would be best to know the weed, like your partner, before going camping in the woods.
  2. Those cotton-mouth tastes that so often accompany you after smoking marijuana and those salty munchies can be an unwanted addition to the cannabis camping experience. Remember you are going to be in the woods and no 7-11 will be close by to ease that dry mouth so we recommend bringing plenty of water.
  3. Edibles and camping are not the best partners. Knowing the accuracy of the dosing of your edibles could make or break your time spent in the woods under the stars. Unless you are a pro at making edibles with accurate and consistent levels of THC/CBD, leave them for home use where you know your surroundings. Marijuana smoking or vaping is a much better option when out in the woods in unfamiliar territory. Remember the golden rules of marijuana edibles: go low and slow.
  4. Take caution not to get so high, which could result in taking trails that perhaps are not the best choices to make as you may get lost while enjoying the trek. Cannabis can affect your cognitive and your physical abilities and rock climbing or scale down the side of the mountain may not be the best choices.
  5. Camping of any sort requires making sure that emergency contact numbers are handy. Camping with marijuana makes this tip even more necessary as you could be a little more adventurous and somewhat more careless. Remember also to pack a first-aid kit as this is just as crucial as your waterproof marijuana stash kit.

It is essential to respect the environment on a camping trip. Never leave garbage and do not be a fire hazard when smoking marijuana in the great outdoors. Make sure to extinguish anything that is burning. Smoking marijuana is not the best choice when camping in an environment that is susceptible to bush fires, as such a best option would be to try vaping your marijuana strains.

Some of the best marijuana strain to accompany you on an epic cannabis camping adventure:

Sour Diesel is a potent Sativa marijuana strain that will enhance dreamy-like effects and enrich your hiking along those eye-catching trails. Look to enjoy a refreshing dreamy head high.

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain that promises to deliver a mild euphoria and a gentle energy boost. This marijuana strain is quite potent with long-lasting effects.


Cannatonic is the marijuana strain that is perfect for vaping while relaxing under the stars and contemplating about the fabulous experiences you are enjoying on your camping trip. Perhaps vaping this marijuana strain while fishing in the clean mountain stream providing a focus to help reel in the big one.

Super Lemon, a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain, will help to fight off any anxiety, suppress inflammation and fight fungal infections. Any of these concerns could happen while out in the forest.

Camping and cannabis could be your match made in heaven, use caution and respect mother nature and your camping experience will be divine.

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