Beat the summer heat with these 10 weed accessories that will cool your toke

Published Jun 29, 2019 01:56 p.m. ET
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Summertime is the best time of the year for stoners, as it offers a variety of fun and exciting experiences outdoors. The trouble is, as the temperatures climb and the humidity thickens the air, it can make smoking marijuana a touch less enjoyable. Luckily many generations of cannabis enthusiasts have dealt with this very same issue, and a few even invented weed accessories specifically for this reason. If you are looking for a way to stay cool while you enjoy your high this summer, then check out these five smoking devices, and three weed accessories that will help you do just that.

1. Eyce Mold 2.0

Cost: $89.99

The EyceMold won a Cannabis Cup award for its unique and user-friendly design. Simply fill the mold with water and freeze it for 3-4 hours. Once it’s finished, the outer sleeve will slide right off to expose the freshly made ice walls of a brand-new frozen bong. These can be used dry, but with water will cool the smoke all the way down to minus three degrees Celsius. The Eyceis functional as a collector’s piece, as well as a usable bong that creates no waste, will not break, and can be made good as new day after day, so say goodbye to old bong stink, and hello to a nice cool toke.

Where to purchase an Eyce Mold 2.0: https://eycemolds.com

2. Freshetech Freeze Pipe

Cost: $120

Freshetech were the very first to introduce freeze pipes in such a literal sense to the market. The newest version has been perfected over the last decade and offers quite a few neat features including a pull-out glass bowl, carb, and freezer safe chamber that is filled with glycerin. Once frozen these glass freeze pipes can provide several hours of regular use, and prep time only takes one hour thanks to the small amount inside. Though we don’t know exactly how cool it will make the toke, this model has won awards and the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world.

Where to purchase Freshetech glass freeze pipes: www.freshetech.com

3. 12” Fat Buddha Glass freezable glass bong

Cost: $100

This 12-inch freeze bong comes equipped with a detachable and freezable coil that is filled with glycerin and is ready to use in as little as 20 minutes after freezing. The beaker base allows for a strong hold that keeps the device from tipping during use or installation of the coil, and this unique design puts on quite the show as you watch the smoke show through the multiple chambers.

Where to purchase a Fat Buddha Glass bong: https://fatbuddhaglass.com

4. Black Leaf


Cost: $30

The most significant difference between the Black Leaf and Freshetech models is the portion of the pipe that is frozen. With the Freshetech, it is the main chamber that holds the glycerin liquid, but with these, it’s all held in the bowl that hugs the cannabis as it is burnt. These freeze pipes are also ready much quicker with only 30 minutes to wait, but they don’t work quite as efficiently to cool the smoke as it flows through the device. The main selling points of the Black Lead model is that the bowl is much cheaper to replace in case of breaking, and it all comes in a neatly put together case that is large enough to hold the pipe, cleaning tools, and a fair-sized marijuana stash.

Where to purchase Black Leaf freeze pipes: www.grasscity.com

5. Chong’s Mr. Freeze 38cm bong

Cost: $80

Though this model might not be as technologically advanced as some of the other bongs and freeze pipes listed here, it is hailed by fans as the very best device that is equipped with a large stem and chamber to accommodate for using regular ice cubes. If you need something that will help to keep you cool on a budget, and won’t melt away in the process, then the chilled experience of using Chong’s Mr. Freeze might be exactly what you have been looking for.

Where to purchase a Chong’s Mr. Freeze bong: https://shivaonline.co.uk

If all these freeze pipes and bongs are unreachable for whatever reason than you might want to check out some alternatives that have been tested and used by stoners in the very same position who are seeking a bit of relief from the heat.

  1. Regular ice cubes
    It doesn’t take a significant investment, or some fancy piece of equipment to cool your hits. All you need is a medium that will transfer the lower temperatures to the smoke as it passes over it. Regular ice cubes or crushed ice can be added to almost any kind of bong, just be careful and don’t force them down the stem. If the cubes are too large to fit, then you may night to run them under water until they slide down into the chamber. Ice cubes are mostly free and take approximately 1-2 hours to prepare them for use.

  2. Metal freezer sticks
    There have always been drinkers who also sought the thirst quenching cool with their drug of choice, and in response to this need came about metal freezable tubes that are full of glycerin. The most significant benefit to choosing this option is they are ready to cool in under 30 minutes, and if you are lucky, you might just find the one that offers a straw option. Those will pull the smoke along the inside of the frozen tube, and work even more effectively than just throwing one or two frozen containers into the water chamber.

  3. Silicone ice tubes
    If you have a sensitivity to metal or cannot find an option that is safe to heat as well as cool, then silicone cubes or tubes are the next best thing. These beauties will be frozen in 1 hour, and last for several as you enjoy nice cool tokes all day long.

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