Hiking to higher grounds and a few tricks for trailblazing

Published Mar 9, 2019 02:30 p.m. ET

Hiking is a great way to have a healthy lifestyle. There are countless trails out there. Hiking can be cathartic, healthy for your body and soul. For safety reasons, I suggest taking your phone with you. Remember to turn your phone off. Having your phoneis counter-productive to the nature of the hiking that you intend to do. Combining cannabis and your trail walking will enhance your sensations, sounds, and aromas that you are going to experience while out hiking. Marijuana can help with clarity while on solo walks along the trails. Having company on the trails while consumption of marijuana is equally as rewarding. The nature around you, your friends and the marijuana that you will consume could all contribute to an amazing day.

We need to hike responsiblythe same way we need to consume our cannabis. Depending on what season we are hiking, I’m going to say summer, come prepared. Dress in layers, wear sensible footwear, carry sunscreen and water and whatever you do don’t forget to pack your weed. Perhaps you can pack some healthy snacks with you too. Depending on the weed strain you have, munchies may be an issue. Healthy munchies will be a welcomed addition in your backpack.

One must always remember to be respectful when out in the woods. Marijuana has become legal through Canada and depending on which province you are in there are some differences in the laws for consuming cannabis. Take time to research the laws in the province you are hiking. If your method of consuming cannabis is by smoking pay particular attention to where you throw away your roach, keep in mind fires can start from almost nothing when the right circumstances are met. Dry trail, hot sun, andcarelessness have been the cause of many forest fires.  Vaping, although healthier for you perhaps than smoking a joint, still involves some type of fire. If you’re planning on using a vape while in a forested area, be careful. While out on the trail you may want to use an edible as your method of consumption instead. Edibles on the trail could be easier and more efficient than smoking, but it’s up to you.

When consuming your edibles,it is good to keep in mind the time that it takes for marijuana or CBD in an edible form to take effect. I suggest getting a ride to the hiking area you plan to be exploring. You can consume your edible before you reach the trails. Hopefully, your timing is spot on and within a few minutes of reaching the trails the effects of your edible consumption is kicking in. You should feel the effectsof the edible for 4 to 6 hours.  Time can be distorted, and things are forgotten when out weed hiking, so be sure to set a time for your return ride and a meeting place. Plan as much as you can beforehand to be safe.

Let’s talk about the weed strains that are compatible with hiking through the woods. A sativa strain may be the best choice for you to start your day. Energetic and uplifting effects will keep you focused and walking on the nature trail.


Try Jillybean; this hybrid has positive, uplifting effects that give you a focused, happy,energetic state.

Perhaps using an indica strain at the end of the hike or when you reach home will be beneficial to you. The relaxing sedative feelings from Harle-Tsu, an indica dominant strain that can have a ratio of 22:1 CBD/THC. This might be just what you need at the end of a beautiful, uplifting hike through the woods. The calming and inflammation reducing qualities could be the perfect end of the day.

Remember to pack enough water, snacks and edibles for yourself and any dogs or friends you might have coming along. Snacks for you and the dog. Marijuana and edibles for you, not the dog, enjoy!



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