10 different dangerous exercises that you shouldn’t do while high

Published May 5, 2019 11:40 a.m. ET
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Cannabis is often believed to be an entirely harmless substance that is ripe for abuse with very little consequence. Though in a sense, there is some truth to that statement, there are some kinds of physical activity that you probably shouldn’t take part in stoned. This is for several different reasons ranging from your health and safety to that of those around you. The effects of marijuana on an athlete is still very misunderstood, and the negative effects are spoken of even less, which can be a problem for those who want to try something like exercise on pot, without fully contemplating the potential issues first.

Marijuana facts

Before we hit you up with a list of activities that you really should do while stoned, here are a bunch of marijuana facts that are relevant to physical activity and exercise.

  1. Cannabis or more specifically THC contributes to the runner’s high effect.
  2. Marijuana use is known for its ability to assist with weight loss by increase the insulin levels of the consumer.
  3. While smoking weed may not always be an ideal choice during a workout, it’s an excellent sedative and therapeutic agent that can alleviate sore muscles and speed up healing after an intense exercise session.

10 exercises that you should never try stoned

1. Competing

When you enter competitions, the idea is to be at your peak level of performance. Especially in the case of long distance or endurance competitions. Smoking marijuana will speed up your heart rate and remove oxygen which is essential to achieve the highest success rates possible.

2. Heavy lifting

Since cannabinoids work quickly and efficiently to relax and soothe your aching muscles and joints, it might seem like a great idea to have a few puffs before a heavy weightlifting session. Unfortunately, marijuana use can do too good of a job numbing the pain, which can lead to overextending yourself resulting in injuries. Dislocated shoulders are the number one reported problem with this form of exercise and adding marijuana to the mix is just a recipe for disaster.

3. Behind the head, lat pull down

The lat is an excellent way to build up a heavy set of arms in a hurry, but it’s also an incredibly dangerous device, even when it’s used properly. Since marijuana will relax the muscles and in turn make them easier to overextend, this is another one to cross of the list of exercises to try while high.

4. Ab machines

To be completely honest, ab machines are rarely recommended for anyone since they can be strenuous to use, and one wrong twist can pull a muscle that takes ages to heal. If you are going to try one out, then do so without the added cannabis whenever possible.


5. Jumping jack presses

There is a reason you don’t see this exercise being performed too often, and it’s that if done incorrectly, serious injury to the arms, shoulders, back, and others if by chance the weight slips mid lift. If you are going to be smoking some pot, this might be a good move to pass on.

6. Kipping pull up

This machine is meant for professionals and is known for causing damage to muscle and bone as the bar presses along the body, even when used correctly. If you don’t want to spend the remainder of your day in emerge, it might be a good idea to avoid the Kipling pull up, especially if you’re stoned.

7. Leg press

A leg press requires a steady amount of focus, as the entirety of the weight system quite literally rest on your legs. These machines can be incredibly dangerous, even for the most experienced athletes. One wrong move or distraction can easily cause an injury, so if you’re going to be high, this is another workout you might want to avoid at the gym.

8. Romanian deadlifts

This type of exercise is a major part of heavy lifting competitions and bodybuilding. Unfortunately, these aren’t small weights being slung around, and instead those performing this activity tend to push themselves to their limits. Through some marijuana use into the mix and you dramatically increase the chance of shoulder and spinal injuries.

10. Kettlebell swings

Grabbing a few small weights might seem like a great way to get a cardio workout, and technically it is, but there are a few issues that can be exacerbated with cannabis use. The most significant being an increased risk of a shoulder injury, and then there is the potential to injure others around you if the weights slip. Since your reaction time will be slowed with the introduction of cannabinoids into your system, it’s a good idea to wait till after this type of workout to get high.



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