Cannabis tourism summit in Canada creates plans for the industry

Published Nov 11, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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The latest cannabis news is buzzing with the promising expectations of the cannabis-infused tourism industry. Marijuana legalization throughout Canada has paved the way for the green sector to puff puff pass to the tourism industry. The budding and thriving cannabis industry are looking to be partners with the tourism industry in Canada and Cannatourism is ready to be the next big thing in Canada.

The legalization of edibles in Canada provides a broader opportunity for cannabis tourism

The Cannabis Tourism summit hosted by Jennifer Mason provided a venue for tourism trailblazers, along with cannabis experts, to expose the already existing cannabis-friendly destinations, resorts, festivals, activities, and more. The summit aims to bring together business people and positive advocacy groups who are looking for means of entering the green budding business.

Cannabis business social network opportunities were presented and networking with the pioneers of this fast-moving market was facilitated. Marijuana legislation has enabled cannabis-based industries to keep planting their feet firmly, moving forward now that it’s in its second year. The addition of edibles to the legalization has opened the door for various sectors like hospitality, food, and beverages to come on board with the newly emerging green industry.

Hindering restrictions

The strict rules around the marketing of cannabis and tourism have placed restrictions on the advertising that is needed to promote this budding industry. However, despite these restrictions, currently, there are about 22 Canadian locations that offer these tourism services.

Highlights from the last Cannabis Summit


William Sharpe, who is famous for the buck a beer product, wants to turn cottage country into a green cannabis experience. He is moving forward with a tourist destination park in Bancroft and hopes to open in 2020. With plans on providing a cannabis experience for the tourist to Canada. The market is poised to be able to offer the cannabis enthusiast hot tubs and saunas combined with the legal consumption of cannabis.

The summit enlightened the audience of Sharpe’s hope, to grow the $71-billion tourism sport and culture industry by adding cannabis into the mix.

The culinary industry was also involved, including the Culinary Cannabis Company, started by David Brott, who is encouraged and excited to be offering audiences instructions on how to cook with cannabis. The company strongly believes that tourists will be interested in how cannabis is incorporated into the food industry as part of the Canadian experience.

The CEO of Cannabis Hotels points out that Haliburton’s Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa is one of the first accommodations in the province of Ontario to offer cannabis-friendly places to stay.

The industry leaders were quick to point out that the success stories did not make up for the way that the government chose to roll-out the legalization of cannabis. An executive with the marketing company Connected Interactive noted that Canada is poised to become a country that is sitting poised to be involved in an industry that’s going to be worth 100 billion dollars by 2025, and the tourism industry is ready and poised to be a prominent part of the equation.

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