A review of the Grow Up Conference Expo and Awards Ceremony

Published Sep 19, 2019 12:15 p.m. ET
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Whether you are a consumer, business insider or merely interested in the Canadian cannabis industry, chances are you have probably been holding your breath patiently awaiting the announcement of some pot-themed events to attend. Despite federal marijuana legalization, there have yet to be any massive publicly held parties dedicated to smoking weed or purchasing infused goods. Though it might be awhile yet before we get to witness large scale events, that serve products made using marijuana plants or products, the business side of the market is doing an excellent job at coming together to make all of our dreams a reality.

What is the Grow Up Conference Expo and Awards Ceremony?

This event was held by experienced event organizers who were also responsible for a few of the best cannabis-focused gatherings including the O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo. The goal of the Grow Up Expo and Awards Ceremony was to acknowledge everyone from the large scale mass producers and consumers to the smaller and often overlooked medical patients and business investors. Scheduled events were from various backgrounds including topics and products for growers, processors, manufacturers and consumers.

Highlights from the Grow Up Expo


If you missed this year’s festivities, then you’ll likely have at least a few questions about what this kind of cannabis industry event might have to offer. Luckily, Cannabis.wiki was on site and managed to get the inside scoop on the most popular, trending and educational displays and activities that were on top for 2019.

Key highlights for the 2019 Lift  Co Cannabis Expo in Toronto



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