Is the tourism industry set to include marijuana?

Published Mar 4, 2019 01:02 p.m. ET

It is expected that Canadians will dig deep into their pockets in, 2019 for the tune of $7 billion. The luxury weed tourism companies have seen a way to get in on the profits. The services that this luxury weed tourism companies will provide can include the following.

Butiq Escapes offers tourists a luxury weed escape. The company is based out of Victoria. If you choose this trip for your vacation while touring Victoria, you will not be disappointed. A guide from the company will meet you at the private airport. The guide will also smoke a fabulous blunt with you. Your hike in the mountains will stimulate your culinary juices, and you will enjoy a delicious lunch and dinner.

Bust out the wallet for a fee of $12,500. Meer pennies for a luxury weed and touring tourism business.

• $155.00 hemp oil massages.
• $175.00 for scrumptious cannabis-infused dinner
• $3,000 will afford you a cannabis wedding

Butiq Escapes realized the potential in providing a more sophisticated experience that to date no other travel company was providing.

The luxury cannabis tour Canadian Kush Tours located in Toronto is proud to boast over a dozen private tours. Their menu includes a smoked-out tour of the upscale vapor lounges in Toronto to include a cannabis wedding bar. Here are some other packages offered by Canadian Kush Tours:

• Package 1: Pickup from Airport or hotel in a limousine, your will be given a vapor lounge tour either before or after your hotel check-in. This is a 3-hour limousine rental package. Cannabis materials are not included in the price of this package that is an additional cost. Price $600.00 additional limousine charges $125.00 per hour


• The Concierge Retainer: No worries here every aspect of your excursion will be handled for you. The company will book flights hotels limousines just about anything you would like to do in Toronto or any other place that you choose to entertain your party in Canada. A fee of 10% is charged on all goods and services. You will be communicating with the company before any purchases are made unless you have communicated that you would like a different approach. Price $2,000.00

• The Cannabis Wedding: This company will provide the cannabis for your wedding, party or anniversary. Available for your use is a Moroccan tent, great option. Various smokables, different edibles or consumable products will be available for your guest and yourself to choose from. Prices begin at $3,000.00

All these packages are waiting for you post April 1, 2019, in Toronto. The packages offered are intended for you and your party to relax and unwind in a safe, comfortable space.  

Well, my friend. If you are wondering how to spend your vacation and include the newly legal status of the green herb, check out the Luxury Weed tourism business. It will blow your mind. Make sure to ask for a popular strain that is available in Toronto.

Tangerine Dream: an uplifting and euphoric strain that will provide increased energy and mental clarity.



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