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Published Jul 31, 2019 12:20 p.m. ET

Cannabis Cooking Company, cooking with high standards.

Are you looking for a fun time that involves cooking and cannabis?

Take a look at the Cannabis Cooking Company to fulfill that thought. The summer of 2018 saw the beginning of the worlds first hands-on cannabis-infused cooking class, located in Toronto, Canada. The first class offered was held on October 26, 2018, nine days after the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada.

Vanessa and her husband are proud to have been responsible for educating over 600 students. They have also hosted over a dozen private food events.

Since there is no paid advertising allowed for cannabis-based businesses at this time, this was achieved by word of mouth and social media influence.

The company decided in April 2019 that they needed to be able to distribute the knowledge they had on a more efficient basis. Josh and his wife decided to create an online curriculum and produced over 100 pieces of educational cannabis-focused information. They also included over 60 original recipes.

Pastry chef Vanessa Labrecque, along with her husband Joshua Tuck, a cannabis connoisseur, CEO  and the lead educator of Cannabis Cooking Company have combined their amazing skills. Through the Cannabis Cooking Company, Vannesa, and her husband will help you to feel at ease in the kitchen when incorporating cannabis into the menu.

Implementing cannabis into recipes is Vanessa’s forte while educating the public is the responsibility of Joshua.

The school of higher learning wants to teach you all about cooking with cannabis. The Cannabis Cooking Company is host to Toronto's first cannabis-infused instructional cooking class. Students get to be involved in hands-on experience in the kitchen, producing many different cannabis creations.

Cannabis Cooking Company offers a full-hands on three-hour marijuana-infused cooking class. Learning about the cannabis culture the science involving the art of infusion and the proper dosing techniques. You will also be learning how to make two different kinds of delicious cannabis-infused edibles.  At the end of the class, the edibles are yours to delight in at home perhaps with your favorite partner

Students will be taught how to create among other delicious treats:

·         cornbread muffins

·         barbecue sauces

·         gummy bears

·         butter tarts

You will be supplied the tools to break down exactly how much THC is in your edibles.

The cost of this class is a moderate $125 per student.

A favorite and popular class offered by this company is the Wake and Bake class. This class will educate you on the delights of cannabis.

Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee, free breakfast, and delicious cannabis-infused cooking experience.

The Cannabis Cooking Company is also providing an all-day extensive certification program for chefs. All chefs of every level of skills will be welcomed to learn how to cook, legally, safely, and responsibly with cannabis.


The cost of the course is $250.00 Inc Tax.

The course will include:

·         Cannabis anatomy

·         Decarboxylation and extractions

·         Safe consumption

·         Micro-dosing

·         Accurate dosing

·         Endocannabinoid system

·         Building recipes

Students will need to pass an exam with a minimum 80% passing mark to receive a certificate. Students have two attempts at passing the exam.

Upcoming locations for the Full Day Certificate Program include:

·         London, Ontario  August 3, 2019

·         Kingston, Ontario August 10, 2019

·         Niagara Falls, Ontario August 17, 2019

·         London Ontario August 25, 2019

The Cannabis Act states that each student must supply their own legally purchased weed to work with. Each student will be provided with information on the amount of cannabis required for the class. Participant must be 19+.

This looks like an exciting and knowledgeable way to spend some quality and fun times with friends who have the same culinary interests involving cannabis as you do, ENJOY.

Check them out at https://www.cannabiscookingcompany.ca/

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