Some of the best ways to store marijuana concentrates

Published Dec 18, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis concentrates include shatter, dabs, wax, budder, balm, salve, and tincture that you can smoke, vape, or make into edibles. They have grown very popular due to the potency that they contain. While our beautiful buds can be stored in an airtight container such as a mason jar away from heat and light, concentrates need to be stored much differently.

We have done a little research to help you save your concentrates in the best way possible with the most extended shelf life. A well-made marijuana tincture can have an indefinite shelf life if the tincture is left untouched and stored inside of the proper environment. A tincture can last for many years without losing any potency.

Marijuana-infused products have exceedingly different shelf lives, depending on how they are prepared. Whether it’s a balm, cooking oil, edibles salve, or tincture, the cannabinoids will pretty much always degrade under similar conditions. That could mean any prolonged exposure to light, heat or oxygen. Step one in storing any infused products is to be sure that all those elements are under control. The three virtues to saving any infused product are cool, dark and sealed.

When trying to maintain temperature control, a refrigerator is vital, because almost any cannabis infusion prefer the improved conditions and extended shelf life at low temperatures. To bypass exposure to light and oxygen, always keep cannabis concentrates sealed and in a non-transparent container. Most dispensaries will provide the proper container for any cannabis-infused products. Be sure always to store the product in a glass as plastic containers, as baggies will compromise the infusion over time.

Freezers can also be a great way to store your cannabis-infused products. Edibles made with butter and cooking oils can have a significantly extended shelf life from freezing. For oils, you can pair them with herbs and freeze in ice cube trays beforehand. This is well worth trying, and also makes it easy for adding to any recipe.



Tinctures have a long shelf life if they are well-made and store properly. So long in fact that they can last almost indefinitely. Tinctures that are made with glycerin will degrade faster than those made from distilled alcohol. Its recommended that tinctures are best to be stored in a dark blue colored glass dropper for best results and shelf life. Tinctures are suitable to keep in the fridge because the heat, light, and oxygen must be well controlled

Storing Dabs

Silicon is the best option for storing your dabs! High-density silicon with many indentations for multiple separate compartments is best for storing large volumes. Note the myth that storing your marijuana goods in the freezer is untrue unless you plan to make some hash. The THC crystals in the dab can become brittle and shatter when frozen, causing the dabs to lose potency, and we don’t want that! Store your dabs in the fridge, and remember heat and light are not friends with your dabs. Always store your dabs in a proper container, preferably silicone. And be sure not to allow any airflow as this may cause condensation, and that’s not good news.

So, storing concentrates might not be as difficult as you may think. It would be best if you had the proper containers and a little education on what needs what, but it’s a relatively easy process. The key to storing most things is to keep them in an airtight container with all of the air removed, preferably with a vacuum seal. So, you can go back and enjoy your cannabis concentrates for many months or weeks, whichever you prefer. Always do your research and you will never fail at preserving your stash as long as possible.

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