Some of the most potent marijuana concentrates in the world

Published Oct 2, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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The legal cannabis industry brought with it easier access to clean, regulated and tested marijuana products, and while concentrates still aren’t available legally in Canada quite yet, we are free to make them. Items that were once believed to be more of a myth than a reality are now surfacing, and it’s no longer just a dealer in their basement claiming that they’ve got the most potent goods.

Now, we have the option of getting our cannabis concentrates tested, which really helps to provide an additional level of control over a high while offering more experienced consumers a more intense result. There are also new and exciting technologies that have arisen from this steamed up industry, which has led to new trends such as dabbing and vaping.

Are all marijuana concentrates dabs?

Now that dabbing is such a hot topic, it’s quickly becoming a preferred method of ingestion, especially by consumers with a higher tolerance to THC. The thing is, if you ask your local headshop what to put through your rig, the response you will get is, dabs. This relatively new term is used to describe concentrated marijuana products that are liquid by nature once heated, which include all of the concentrates that are listed here.

Which cannabis concentrates are suitable for vaping?

The incredible thing about vape pens is that they come in a variety of different designs to suit many different needs, but only some of them are compatible with marijuana concentrates. To use dabs to vape, you will need a vaporizer or pen that comes equipped with a tank that is meant to house small amounts of concentrated, marijuana products. If you are a fan of vape juice, then you can still use these cannabis products in them, but you will need to pick up some of the essentials to create your own THC juice, as most smaller e-cigs or weed pens do not get hot enough to vape thick concentrates without the assistance of a more viscousy additive.

1. Shatter

Shatter is one of the most popular concentrates, as it has been around for quite awhile, and is preferred by vapers and dabbers who enjoy easy to manipulate and portion dabs. This marijuana product will typically offer a high THC range between 85%-95% THC, but it doesn’t include the powerful benefits of cannabis terpenes, so some users feel that it lacks flavor.

2. Hash Oil (BHO)


Hash oil, aka butane hash oil, is another powerful marijuana product, but unfortunately, the quality of the product will depend on who makes it. Street quality BHO is often made with a harmful and toxic solvent like butane or alcohol, and they can leave you feeling ill, and will not produce the same euphoric effects. However, high-quality CO2 extracted hash oil can contain up to 85% THC, which makes it an excellent starting point for consumers with a low tolerance to the potent cannabinoid.

3. Hash

Hash is a sort of all-encompassing term that refers to a variety of different cannabis products. There is kief hash that is made from the dry pressed trichomes, and it can be potent measuring up to 80% THC, but it isn’t ideal when used as dabs. The best and strongest kinds of hash consist of a thicker, playdoh-like texture, and it can offer up to 90% THC. While for some that still remains on the low side, is another concentrate that is ideal for beginners.

4. Caviar

This cannabis concentrate is a full spectrum option that includes the natural benefits of the plant in a unique way. Caviar is essentially an extremely high-quality butane hash oil that is combined with reintroduced marijuana terpenes upon completion. It will often reach a high strength of up to 99% THC, which is enhanced with the addition of terpenes and provides a rich, flavorful, and intense experience.

5. Live Resin

Live resin is a specially processed version of butane hash oil that still contains high levels of terpenoids and terpenes. This option is a popular choice amongst vapers, as it offers the most terpenes of any marijuana product, which helps to enhance both the flavor and the high. Live resin comes in concentrations as high as 99%, which is why it is generally more suited to experienced consumers.

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