All about edibles

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:36 p.m. ET

An alternative to smoking

 You shouldn’t be afraid of marijuana edibles, when made with the correct dose of cannabinoids you could love them.  THC edibles usually range from 5 mg to 100 mg of THC per serving. Generally, only the most potent edibles contain upwards of 100 mg of THC.

The use of highly concentrated cannabis for our edibles makes the effect much stronger. The effects usually take from around 30 minutes to 4 hours or so to be felt, there have been people, however, claiming longer than that even. Try eating your edibles on an empty stomach for a much better effect.

There are some things one should consider if you choose to consume your weed through edibles.  Always start slowly to build up your tolerance. Typically start at around 5 mg. I suggest that you do not take a lot if you are not feeling anything. Wait about an hour if you are not feeling the effect you wanted  then try a little more.  Depending on the dosage the effects could last from 2 to 7 hrs.  

It’s endless as to what we can infuse our food with, there’s so many options for making edibles! There’s so many recipes and different snacks that you can make. You can easily enjoy the effects of the mighty bud without having a sore throat from smoking.  There is no residual smell either. Some find edibles much more convenient than smoking and much more socially discreet.


Some of the most popular edibles include candy.  From sour candy to weed gummies, let’s not forget weed chocolate, the great weed brownie or cookies. Even foods like cannabis-infused pretzels are gaining popularity, and why not they are delicious!  We shouldn’t forget about drinks either.  We are adding cannabis-infused beer to the list of great edibles. Companies providing alcohol-free infused beverages are really starting to take off in the last few years. Wine companies are keeping  up with the trend to, by producing cannabis-infused wine  products.

Marijuana edibles near me?

Edibles for recreational use will not be able to be legally purchased until 2019 in Canada. You are restricted from using any organic solvent aid when making edible concentrates. In the meantime, with a little work and experiment, we can enjoy our own. Don’t settle for just brownies and cookies, while they maybe the best tasting weed edibles, there are a lot more options out there. With the infusion of weed into more and more food products we can enjoy a delicious taste with just about anything we can cook.

I think it would be safe to say that the best edibles are a personal choice. Still, keep in mind that with the art of infusion we are no longer limited in what we can do with our weed concentrate. The sky is the limit. For our adventurous cooks out there, try your hand at substituting infused butter in your recipes instead of regular butter.  Remember a good piece of advice to follow when consuming edibles is to take it slow. Like the tortoise, you will get there eventually, don’t spoil it by rushing and not enjoying your journey. And remember, whatever form you choose to ingest, do it responsibly and enjoy!



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