Vape pens 101

Published Mar 1, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET

A vape pen is a means to vaporize cannabis distillates and oils. Its appearance does imitate a pen. There are two parts to the vape pen: the battery, and the cartridge.

Pre-filled vape pen

The novice and the not so novice smoker can both enjoy this equipment. For the novice smoker, the vape pen cartridge takes the guessing work out of the dose. This can help anyone that is experiencing anxiety over the correct dose. You are in control of how much of a dose you will be inhaling. This pre-filled vape pen cartridge is great to take with you on the go. The pre-loaded vape pen is disposable. There is nothing to keep. They require no charging. They are not designed to be separated from their battery.

Pre-filled oil vape cartridges

There are a couple of methods used in obtaining the perfect oil for vape pen cartridges. The velocity of the oil is important, too thick or thin and it won’t vaporize properly and probably will discourage you from using them again. The experience you were looking for will be defeated.

CO2 Oil is compatible with vape pen cartridges; nothing needs to be added to obtain the correct velocity for the atomizer to vaporize the product. The terpenes are retained in this method allowing for the strain-specific flavors to come through.

Distillate cartridges are odorless tasteless and are 100% cannabinoid. When a distillate is used in a cartridge, an additive might be needed. This is to ensure the velocity of the cannabinoid is correct for the cartridge. Coconut oil is a common additive to “cut” the viscous making it conducive for the standard atomizer.  The products using these additives are not on the market as much due to health concerns. Terpenes are used instead of unhealthy cutting agents.  The pre-filled vape pens utilize the terpenes also to increase the flavors and the aromatics to their products.

The term vape pen is really a bit misleading. The marijuana plant is not really vaporized.  The pens are loaded with concentrates or hash oil. This is where you may hear the term oil vape pens.


If you are looking for a way to vape that is discreet and equipment that is easy to travel with, then there are many pens available for you.

Keep in mind that most vape pens and cartridges come with a standard 510 thread. This will enable you to use the same pen with any cartridge making them interchangeable.


However, there are some disadvantages that also go with the vape pen. The cartridges that are used can cause problems. The cutting agent is a big concern. Some manufacturers have been known to use cuticle wax. This wax, when used in vaping, does not burn away. This could let the oily waxy bits collect and could end up in your lungs.

Better regulation on what ingredients are put in the cartridge is needed to ensure a perfect product that is healthy for the consumer.

Grab your pre-filled vape pen, your THC distillate and enjoy!                  



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