DIY methods for storing weed using items around the house

Published Jul 22, 2019 10:34 a.m. ET
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There are many ways that your weed stash can be stored, and some are better than others. One of the perfect means to keep your cannabis products fresh, tasteful and free of mold is the old mason jar. This storage method is true and tried and has been around for years.

Types of containers found around your home


Mason jars are airtight, they keeps moisture out, it has no smell and it is easy to see what is in the jar


These containers work wonderfully for concealing the pungent odor of dog food and the treats we buy for our furry friend. Storing your weed stash in this manner will keep the scent from your marijuana inside the container and not in the room.


Look for the old-style candy containers. The airtight glass manner of storing penny candies back in the day will work for storing your cannabis products. Your weed stash will stay fresh and mold-free while allowing you to present your cannabis products in a fashionable style. Tupperware can become a weed stash storage method. The airtight container will enable you to color coordinate your cannabis products. It is perfect for different strains to be stored by color; for e.g. Orange Kush will store great in the beautiful bright orange color from Tupperware. – help with this line


If you are stuck and have nothing around to store your weed stash, well an old Ziploc bag can be used as a method for storing. Your weed will be protected from the elements; however this method is very temporary and not the best choice.

Store bought storage containers


If you prefer to purchase commercially produced products to store various cannabis products the following list will give you a few options. A comparison can be done to decide which method works best for storing your stash safely.


This method of preserving your weed involves a wooden mahogany container that helps with the correct humidity needed to maintain the freshness and taste of your bud. Do not use a tobacco humidor which is typically made from cedar. Cedar is not the wood for storing weed as the oils and odor from the cedar will transfer to your bud.


Salt and water-absorbent beads are used to keep the correct amount of humidity needed in your weed. The packs combined with a humidor provide extra steps to ensure the quality of your bud remains the same as when you purchased it. These packs can absorb moisture when needed with the bonus of supplying moisture when the humidity drops to lower levels.

Storing weed

It is essential when storing weed for long-term to keep your buds separate from other cannabis products. Weed picks up different scents quickly and those unwanted scents, for e.g. a burnt pipe odor can be easily transferred to your weed.

Remember to store weed in a cool dark place regardless of the containers used. Light and heat are enemies to your weed stash and will deteriorate it, allowing the herb to sweat and cause mold to inhabit your vessel.

Today the market is flooded with containers and methods on how to store your weed, choose wisely, and you can store your weed for up to three years. That should put a smile on your face knowing your marijuana is just as good as the day you purchased it. Enjoy!

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