The best weed containers to stash your weed in

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:21 p.m. ET

 Products to hide your weed are a big and prosperous business today. Wondering where to hide weed? There are tons of places you might stash it around the house but what about if you want somewhere to stash your weed on the go? Check out our top picks for the best weed stash containers.

1. StashItWear Underwear


Do you like to keep your weed personal, I mean really personal, would you be interested in wearing Stash underwear? Yep, you can keep your weed in your underwear. This underwear has a 4-inch zippered pocket that keeps everything secure. Nice and secure, you won't have to worry about your stash dropping out of your underwear with these.

2. Smuggler Belt

$8.00 - $50.00

The smuggler belt is another way to keep your weed close. This is a leather belt with a pocket usually behind the buckle where you can hide your stash. Not the best stash product if you are going through the airport but it is perfect for taking your joints to a social gathering on the beach.

3. Safe Stash Hairbrush


You can use the hairbrush diversion method. This hairbrush looks like it would be great to keep those golden tresses in place: but not this one it won't do a thing for your hair. If you unscrew the top a hidden compartment is revealed to you. This brush comes with a nice smell proof bag.

4. Lipstick Pipe


The lipstick pipe is not only a great weed hider, but it is great for smoking your weed discreetly. Its container is metal, and the tube looks like real lipstick. It comes apart easily to expose the bowl and for you to enjoy.

5. Doob Tubes



Every girl must be prepared. You know what I mean. So, you are prepared with a fake tampon tube. When I said prepared, I was talking about prepared to partake of your stored weed. Who is going to check the tampon tube?

6. Fake Deodorant Stick


Your overnight bag will not be complete without your deodorant roll-on stick — the one you hollowed out, being careful to leave some deodorant for the aroma. This will carry just the amount of that sweet tasting herb, that you need for that quick getaway.

7. Fake Arizona Tea Can


That can of tea looks refreshing in your cup holder. You can use this fake can to hold your stash as your traveling the road. It will resemble the pop can it is sitting beside. The one you bought at the corner store which does holds your beverage. Your fake one will unscrew and be a vessel for your herb to be stored in.

8.Weed Concealing Carry Bags


There are lots of different types of marijuana concealing carrying bags. These are tailored specially to keep the aromas inside the bag. There’re even very stylish handbags on the market, specifically designed to hide the smell of weed for style-oriented women.

9.Picture Frame Stash


When you want to hide your stash at home from your roommate, well not hide, let’s say we put in a safe place. You may need a consistent place that you will remember well. A picture frame stash holding the family picture will be the perfect place.

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