How to store weed long term

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:46 p.m. ET

No more coughing from dried out weed for you, I'm going to guide you through the best way to preserve weed. Using this method, you can keep the freshness of your cured cannabis.

Weed in a jar

I choose to use a glass container. It's the best way to store weed, for me personally.  I like using a good old mason jar. This type of container keeps out the air. Air is the enemy for producing harsh dry brown marijuana.  Another bonus from using glass is no transfer of unwanted flavors.  So, glass is number one for me and should be for you too, if you like your terpenes to exude their true flavor while keeping your cannabis fresh. There is one downside to using the glass container though. If you use clear glass, there is no protection from the light, another enemy of your marijuana. If you use a clear glass container, make sure you store it in a dark cupboard. Keeping your herb in a cool dark place will assist it in not sweating. We do not want the threat of mold developing. Size does matter, make sure the jar is suitable for the amount of weed you are storing in it. You do not want a lot of space left in the jar, that space will trap unwanted excess air.

How to stash your weed without glass

If you choose not to use a glass vessel, I suggest looking into a metal container. The type of metal I would choose is titanium — no flavor changing secretion from this metal.

I don’t suggest plastic. Plastic tends to gather gasses as well. Most plastics are sensitive to light and tend to heat up easily and may allow an unwanted compound to penetrate our weed.

What about the humidity, what level should you store your weed at? For the connoisseur of the green herb, remember mold will form at humidity levels of 75% or higher. Not good my friend. To keep your weed for a very long time trying to main the humidity level between 50 to 65% humidity.  Just a note, if you are using a cigar humidor make sure the setting can be changed to 50%. Most cigar humidors maintain about 70%, be careful and check this out before you ruin your herb.

How long does cannabis last

An excellent investment to assist with controlling the humidity would be to invest in humidity packs. Great for keeping your weed for up to 6 months. I suggest if you are going to keep weed for any longer, find a cool dark place in your basement. Store your weed here just like your grandma stored her canned goods.

I'm going to go over the steps for how I prepare my weed to be good tasting and fresh for many days:

  • Start by filling my glass jar about halfway with my cannabis, before continuing to fill the jar I put in a humidity pack that is 60 -65%;
  • Burp your weed for two weeks to help control the moisture.
  • Take your jars to a cool dark place. I have found I am good for at least 9 months this way. My herb maintains the terpene and the freshness that I want.
  • Never store your weed in the freezer. It breaks down the THC losing the potency of your herb.

Lastly, the most crucial part. Roll one up and enjoy!


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