What is the best way to store wax?

Published Mar 5, 2019 12:01 p.m. ET

Which way is the better way to store wax, dabs, and hash oil?

The word dab covers the name used for all concentrates. Maybe it is better explained as a term for the consistency of cannabis concentrates.

I’m going to discuss the best way to store wax. When stored properly these concentrates can last for months. Proper storage means protecting your goods from the light the temperate and moisture. Don’t forget the roommate, just joking.

How to store dabs, wax and hash oil

One of the most popular forms of THC concentrate is wax. Another name that wax goes by is BHO or even referred to as earwax or wax.

If you are looking to store your wax for a short time, I suggest using a silicone size appropriate container. Make sure you wrap your wax in parchment paper before putting in the container. The container is best stored in a cool dark place, not on the fireplace ledge, no-no.  

This is the best option for storing your weekly stash. Try not to open the container too often. You need to open it to retrieve the golden nugget, but the more you expose the wax to the environment the harsher and less fragrant it will be. If you’re wondering how to store hash oil, you can follow all the same steps.

Long-term storage  

It is the same process for storing for a long time than a week or so. You will wrap up the portioned sizes of wax, put the wrapped wax into freezer baggies and put them in an airtight mason jar. The trick is to make the jar fit the goods you are putting in the jar. You do not want the packages to have a lot of room to roll around in. Picking the appropriately sized jar for the job is important.


Putting resin in the freezer

Quite a few people store there concentrates in the freezer; this can make it an easy storage method, though there are some drawbacks to this, exposing your oil to excess moisture can result in the wax crackling along with a harsh taste. You must let the individual packets thaw. Open the package and take note if any moisture is developing. Clean up any moisture.

Putting resin in the fridge

Are you lucky enough to have some resin with the strong flavor profiles?You probably paid a little extra for it and now need to know the best way to store it. Don’t worry, BHO storage is fairly simple. Putting resin in the fridge is great for preserving quality. Live resin that is stored in the fridge helps to maintain its texture. If you have a wine cooler handy, this is a perfect spot for your resin. Cool temperature and low humidity are resin’s friend. Storing live resin can protect the wonderful pungent odor. The process is similar to storing wine. It gets better with aging.

It makes sense that storing is an important factor in the taste and aromas of your concentrates.

It's time my friend to go to the fridge, grab your wax and let's get dabbing. Nothing better than picking your favorite dab chilling on the deck and inhaling.

As always remember to be responsible while consuming the herb. Enjoy!



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