Top 10 most useful stocking stuffers for stoners

Published Dec 11, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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If you've got a cannabis connoisseur on your list, and you're on the hunt for fantastic stocking stuffer ideas that will impress, then this is the place to be! Sure, you could toss a joint or a few buds and a card their way, but you can make it so much more fun while offering up a variety that will ensure they're impressed, all while sticking to a budget. Whether you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for stoners or some small unique ideas for presents, we've got you covered with these top ten essentials.

1. Grinders

Grinders make perfect stocking stuffers because they're small, and you don't have to stick to regular full-sized versions either. Instead, you can find keychain grinders, pocket grinders, funny shaped joke grinders, and even mug grinders online because they're all handy for stoners who enjoy themselves some flower.

2. Rolling papers

The majority of cannabis consumers enjoy an excellent joint at least once in a while, making rolling papers one of those universal presents that is useful for just about anyone. Even those who prefer glass might find themselves with a broken piece or on the move somewhere where a bong or pipe might not be the most convenient, and that'll be when they whip out these stocking stuffers to make it through.

3. Stoner socks

Everybody wears socks at one point. They are a relatively safe accessory to personalize with cannabis themes because they're typically hidden underneath shoes and pants when out in public or at work. This is why stoner socks have quickly become one of the most gifted items around Christmas, and though it might not be the most unique, it could be the most used present this year.

4. Sample sized topicals

Both THC and CBD topicals have made waves in the cannabis industry, appealing to and drawing in those who might not be comfortable with smoking or other methods of consuming cannabinoids. You could use small jars of THC bath salt, whip up a batch of CBD bath bombs or create a seasonal mixture of moisturizers, and it will be a gift that keeps on giving for the next few months.

5. Weed

Cannabis buds can make great presents, but they can also be kind of boring if you don't switch things up a bit and go above the average baggie for presentation. Cute little surprise boxes filled with surprise strains, or do even better and make some marked with specific taste and effect, so they know precisely how to use it. Have fun with it, and think about strains or concentrates that they'll love for inspiration.

6. Pipes


Pipes are the perfect gift for any stoner. Some like to collect them, many enjoy showing them off, and just about every smoker loves to use one when they're on the go, and since we usually take them for travel, we also break them far too often and find ourselves needing to buy one new. Save your cannabis-loving friends the stress, and prepare them for this inevitability with cool small heavy-duty pipes in their stocking.

7. Mini bongs

Big bongs are incredible tools, and many of us grow fond of the ones we use regularly, but they aren't the best suited for every occasion. They offer the smoothest hits, but they're also expensive, bulky, and usually quite breakable. That's why every consumer needs a mini bong, and what makes it one of the best presents on this list for those who prefer to inhale their green.

8. Vapes

Vape pens are relatively new on the legal scene, which makes them all the more alluring. They offer an ideal solution for stocking stuffers because they come in a wide variety, and they're relatively affordable. Who doesn't want to get a wax pen or shatter pen in their stocking this Christmas? Almost no one, so if you can afford it, this is an excellent choice for the holidays

9. Lighters

In case you couldn't already tell, cannabis smokers are the easiest ones to shop for because there are so many cool options to chose from. Still, one of the few stocking stuffers that people seldom consider is a lighter, which can technically be useful for non-smokers too! They can start fires, light candles, spark the barbeque and many other things that non-tokers do.

10. After sesh essentials

When we're shopping for stoners, we tend to think of things that can be used while we're getting high, but what about right afterward? Every pothead gets the munchies, and just about everyone is followed by signs that give away their current state of mind, like a smell or red eyes. You can help them out with that by gifting useful stocking stuffers like cologne, Visine, and delicious treats.

We hope that this in-depth list of stocking stuffer ideas helps you to make this year special. They say that sharing is caring, and there is no time that this rings more true than during the holidays.

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