How to roll a candy cane joint that tastes just like Christmas

Published Dec 22, 2019 10:18 a.m. ET
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With such a special season upon us, it only seems fitting to celebrate with what we love most, but this year, a regular old joint doesn’t have to be all that you look forward to. Instead, we highly recommend that you take things to the next level with a fancy roll that looks and smells just like Christmas. The trouble is that there is no candy cane pre-roll on the market just yet, but there is a really easy way to make one for yourself.

Rolling papers that are perfect for the task

Candy canes are traditionally both red and white, but regular rolling papers only tend to include one of those, and it certainly isn’t the most festive of the two. The best way to make your candy cane joint look just like the real thing is to pick up a pack of Juicy Jay’s candy cane rolling papers. They feature bright rows of both white and red that are perfect for this project, and they are king-sized too, which is necessary to keep the bend end a fair distance from your face for safe lighting.

Weed strains that smell just like Christmas

When you think of Christmas, chances are it brings to mind the subtle smell and taste of the candy cane. Candy canes are traditionally made using a peppermint flavoring, so to make your joint extra festive, we highly recommend that you check out one of these fantastic weed strains with a holiday-themed aroma.

Green Crack
• Thai Lights
• Purple Kush
• Blue Dream
Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
Animal Mints
Green Dragon
Beyond The Brain
Alien Kush


How to roll a joint that looks just like a candy cane

This isn’t a professional level joint roll, and anyway who can toss together a regular joint should be able to make one without any issue. The key is ensuring that you don’t overpack the joint, which will leave it too stiff to bend without breaking. To start, you should have on hand all the normal tools that you would normally use to roll a joint, plus a pack of extra special Christmas papers.

• 1.5 grams of cannabis
• 1 Juicy Jay’s candy cane rolling paper
• Grinder
• Rolling tray
• Cardstock / filter
• Scissors


  1. Toss all 1.5 grams of weed into a herb grinder and bust the buds apart until they reach a workable, fine grind.
  2. Dump the cannabis out of the grinder and remove any remaining stems or cannabis seeds that might rip the paper and ultimately ruin your candy cane joint.
  3. Now fill the candy cane rolling paper with most of the cannabis and use your finger to lightly pack it down until it is evenly placed across it. This will help to avoid thicker spots in a joint, which could really mess with the candy cane look we are trying to achieve.
  4. Firmly, but carefully roll the weed grind down into place using your fingertips, and when you are satisfied with it, you can seal the deal by adding a small amount of moisture to the glue strip and sticking it into place.
  5. Now gently bend the joint gradually, starting just above the middle and working your way towards the closest tip until it is bent enough that it resembles a candy cane. Some of the cannabis bits might fall out of the end as you do this, but that’s ok, as the pressure release is necessary for the joint to maintain its shape.
  6. Cut a piece of cardstock down to size and fold it into a filter before installing it in the remaining open tip, which should be at the opposite end of the bend in the candy cane.
  7. Install the filter and now your candy cane Christmas flavored joint will be ready to smoke and enjoy with your friends over the holidays.
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