The facts and history about the Pineapple Express strain

Published Nov 14, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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There are thousands of weed strains in existence today, but only a handful of them are influential enough to go down in history. Some of the greatest strains in the world come about by accident, while others take decades or hard work and dedication to come to fruition, but no matter how powerful or aesthetically pleasing, few create a name in the same way that the Pineapple Express strain has successfully ingrained itself into cannabis culture.

Is Pineapple Express a real strain?

While many people who are less experienced with cannabis culture might initially believe that this fun weed strain name is little more than an idea stirred up by Hollywood writers. There is an entire movie that appears to be dedicated to just that called Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogan as a stoner who comes across the strain that causes a fantastical adventure.

While the movie certainly helped to place the strain’s name into the history books, the plant itself existed long before the movie’s release. While we can’t guarantee that every product you buy with a Pineapple Express label is as promised, we can say for certain that the Pineapple Express strain is as real as it gets.

Pineapple Express

Where did Pineapple Express come from?

The Pineapple Express strain was originally created by G13 Labs, who crossbred Hawaiian and Trainwreck to produce this magnificent Sativa dominant hybrid.


What kind of weed is Pineapple Express?

It’s parent strains Trainwreck, and Hawaiian are both hybrid cannabis strains that are Sativa dominant, which is why the Pineapple Express strain is as well.

Terpene profile


The Pineapple Express strain boasts a broad terpene profile that includes at least 10 different elements, but the two that are found in the most significant quantities are called humulene and caryophyllene.

How potent are the effects that Pineapple express produces?

The Pineapple Express strain is well known for its potency and is often mistaken for an Indica based on the effects alone. However, it provides a nice and even dose of both worlds with an invigorating cerebral based high that leaves you relaxed but with a focused and clear mind, making it perfect for gaming, watching movies, heading out for a hike or getting that big project done for work.

Smoking Pineapple Express will help to lift up your mood, perk your energy levels, relax and induce euphoria, all while stimulating creativity and appetite. With a surprisingly low 17% THC and a combination of sense tingling smells and flavors, most consumers might turn down the opportunity to smoke some if they were judging purely off measurements alone. Something magical takes place with a Pineapple Express experience, and that 17% THC will take you on a trip that is wilder than competitors that weigh in closer to 25% THC.

Growing the Pineapple Express strain

Pineapple Express is an excellent strain for both beginner and experienced growers, especially in indoor grow rooms. While it is a strain that enjoys being pampered with higher temperatures and humidity levels necessary to reach perfection, this marijuana plant produces massive colas that smell incredible, with the whole package easily fitting in a smaller growing area.

Indoors, the Pineapple Express strain will typically take around 9 weeks to flower, which is short when compared to other similarly potent Sativa strains. The ideal climate temperature for this strain should hover between 70-85°Fahrenheit, and the expected height of these plants rarely exceeds 4 feet tall while boasting large, tightly wound buds decorated with striking red and orange pistils.

Other notable characteristics

The Pineapple Express strain is popular for many reasons, but one of the most cited is its aromatic terpene profile that features spicy undertones, including a mouthwatering citrus alongside a hint of pine. Aesthetically this weed strain stands apart from the rest with its bright green colas that are generally covered by a thick blanket of sparkling trichomes. Just underneath of that sticky layer, there are thousands of brightly colors hairs that appear to reach out, and the flavors of this herb are out of this world with a unique tropical combination that truly suits the name Pineapple Express.

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