The coolest Christmas-themed weed pipes of 2019

Published Dec 24, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Weed pipes and bongs are tools that we tend to collect over time, and a quick peek into our personal collection can often say a lot about our likes, dislikes, and personality. That’s why a well-themed pipe makes for the perfect gift for any stoner on your list for Christmas, and these are some of the hottest, most festive ones out there right now.

1. Candy Cane Sherlock Pipe

Cost: $29.99

This pipe offers all the benefits of your grandfather’s Sherlock style pipe, only it’s made of glass and encased in a bright red and white candy cane swirl that is sure to put a smile on any stoners face this Christmas.

Where to buy: www.nutrismoke.com

2. Chameleon Glass Skellington

Cost: $48.99

Jack Skellington is back just in time for the holidays, with a full-faced feature on these chameleon glass pipes that are known to last through years of use.

Where to buy: www.smokeea.com

3. Weed Pipe Christmas Ornament

Cost: $12.99

Who knew that weed pipes could be so functional? If you like the idea of smokable decorations, then you must check out this candy cane themed glass Christmas ornament found only on Etsy.

Where to buy: www.etsy.com

4. Chameleon Glass Santa Rick Pipe

Cost: $54.99

The notorious adventures of Rick and Morty never take a break, not even for Christmas. These high-quality weed pipes by Glass Nationare one of the best sellers on this list, and fans of the series will be the only ones who can truly appreciate why that is. It’s decorated with a stoned Rick wearing a Santa Clause hat on the front of a functional piece that any die-hard fan would love for the holidays.

Where to buy: www.glassnation.com

5. Snowman Pipe and Bong Smoking Set

Cost: $82.71

These weed pipes are a relatively simple pair, with two adorable matching snowmen. One is standing and holding a bowl, and it’s an excellent water bong, and the second is a small baby snow person whose body is the entirety of the pipe that is so compact, it can comfortably fit into almost any sized pocket.

Where to buy: www.bongin.com

6. Frosted Snowman Bong and Candy cane Weed Pipe Combo


Cost: $39.99

If you like number 5 and number 1 on this list, then you might want to peek at this combo that includes a unique version rolled into one for the perfect gift pack for any cannabis lover this Christmas.

Where to buy: www.dailyhighclub.com

7. Chameleon Glass Santa Glass Pipe

Cost: $79.99

Santa is supposed to be watching out for the naughty kids to add to his list, but apparently, he’s far too busy getting stoned instead. This high-quality glass piece is perfect for this time of year, and it features a generic Santa that looks hilariously high toking on a joint, which is something that you won’t find at just any marijuana dispensary or head shop.

Where to buy: www.glassnation.com

8. Mini Snowman with Red Hat

Cost: $18.40

If you are looking for pocket-sized Christmas themed glass pipes, then this one might be the perfect choice for you, as the tiny little snowball holds a whole lot of character for such a small device. It’s perfect for on the go and makes a perfect budget-friendly gift for the holiday.

Where to buy: www.bongin.com

9. Skellington Body Weed Pipe

Cost: $61.99

The first weed pipe on this list to feature good old Jack who’s not only showing his face, but this one takes it to another level using his entire body in detail, including his legs and feet that come together around a mouthpiece. If you want something that is unique, dark, and nostalgic, then this might be the solution you are looking for.

Where to buy: www.king-pipe.com

10. The Grinch Glass Pipe

Cost: $79.99

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! It’s the devil himself come back in an attempt to steal Christmas, but you can keep him distracted by packing bowls with one of these glass pipes. He’s really high with a big fat blunt hanging from his smirking lips in a twisted play on the holiday tale for grown-ups.

Where to buy: www.glassnation.com

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