Marijuana gift box subscriptions

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:17 p.m. ET

 Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the stoner in your life? Or maybe you want some goodies for yourself. Either way, you have come to the right place. Here we will list several online companies where you can purchase the best weed subscription box possible, and every single one will deliver to Canada. Full of weed accessories and goodies sure to make any pothead happy this year. Listed from least expensive to most expensive there's sure to be something here for every budget.

  1. Hippie Butler
    Cost: $1- $139.99 USD per month
    This stoner gift box is based in Arizona and offer a few different tiers to choose from. For $1 a month you can receive a party favors box monthly that will contain mainly rolling papers. Since there are so many options to choose from we just can’t list them all. However, we can say the highest tier box is $139.99 and offers a personalized experience. When registering they ask for the user’s preference. Either dried flower, concentrates or a mix of the two ensuring that every product that arrives will be enjoyed.

  2. Daily High Club
    Cost: Beginning at $4.25 USD per month
    AKA The Dollar High Club offers the best bang for your buck with a wide range of options. From $4.25 a month, containing three to four products, to $23 a month for seven to nine products. With the lower tier option focusing more on rolling papers and the highest offering the addition of glass paraphernalia. There’s a little of something for everyone with The Dollar High Club who promises a box every month and only requires a monthly payment.

  3. High 5 Box
    Cost: Beginning at $7 CAD per month
    The only company to offer three, six and twelve-month subscriptions but will not allow one-time purchases of just a single box. The High Box features products like flavored rolling papers, lighters, and other rolling themed items. Packs can be chosen by category. For example, the Pink Pack will contain all pink colored items and features cotton candy papers and bubblegum. As far as cheap subscription boxes go this one is a fan favorite and offers the largest variety of products for the price.

  4. 420 Goodie Box
    Cost: Beginning at $19- $150 USD per month
    The Goodie Box offers three different tiers. The first $19 containing four to eight cheaper products like rolling papers per month. The second is $38 and offers six to nine snacks, magazine, cannabis gear, and either a vape pen or piece of glassware. If the person you are shopping for prefers vaping this is the best one on the list. It’s one of the few that will ask for the user’s preference, so they don’t send out items that could be useless to them.

  5. Cannabox
    Cost: Beginning at $25.88-$41 USD per month
    The Cannabox focuses more on novelty type items with each box containing six to nine products delivered once a month. Every single box promises to include a t-shirt along with other exciting collectibles. If the pothead you are shopping for loves memorabilia than this one is for you.

  • Kush Cargo
    Cost: $31-$130 CAD per month
    While Kush Cargo does deliver to Canadians after shipping and conversion rates are added, you may end up paying a bit more than what the products the receiver will get are worth. They made our list due to the wide range of products that they carry. Everything from lighters, bubblers, and papers to limited edition items from the brands we all know and love will be included in a box delivered once a month. This one suits any cannabis product lover but mainly caters to those who smoke.

  • Allume Chill Box
    Cost: $66-$70 per month
    The Allume Chill Box is one of the few that doesn’t charge conversion rates. Offering their boxes for $66 to those willing to pay for at least a six-month subscription and $70 for one-time purchasers. Included are five to eight random items with a combined retail value of at least $150 every month with a new box arriving every month. The products range from candles and lip balms to rolling papers and ceramics. The Allume boxes are more female-oriented and are sure to make any pot loving lady smile.

  • Cannadora
    Cost: $66-$200 CAD per box
    Cannadora is a woman run and founded subscription box and advertises only to women. This one will only ship one box every three months with each containing approximately $150 value. Cannadora boxes mainly contain products like necklaces, quartz pipes and THC infused roll-on scents. Perfect for the scent loving cannabis friendly woman in your life.

  • When shopping for yourself choosing a box can be fun, but when buying for others, it can feel a bit daunting if you aren’t familiar with the user’s preferred methods of ingesting cannabis. If you need to know, don’t be afraid to ask. We promise it won’t give away the surprise that every single one of these boxes provides. It will just ensure you buy them gifts they will get the most use out of.

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