The best ways to use Moon Rocks

Published Sep 10, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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What are Moon rocks

Moon rocks are average buds, but with two extra special additional layers of marijuana concentrate.

How to make Moon Rocks

To make homemade moon rocks, you will need a few things on hand, we promise the process is relatively simple, and more than worth the effort.

You will need:

  • Buds
  • Kief
  • BHO (or other liquid marijuana concentrate)


  1. Prepare a pile of kief that is quickly accessible on a clean surface.

  2. Grab a bud and dip it into the cannabis oil.

  3. Roll the bud in the kief and continue to do so until you can grasp the outer surfaces of the bud without your fingers sticking to it.

  4. Leave the buds to set while exposed to the air for at least 1-3 hours before smoking.

The best ways to use Moon Rocks


1. Joints
That’s right, although you will not want to grind your moon rocks through your regular weed grinder, as the cannabis oil will muck the whole thing up making it difficult to clean, a good pair of scissors and clean hands are all it takes to prepare moon rocks for rolling the perfect joint.

2. Weed pipes
Moon rocks are the ideal marijuana product that can be used in almost any type of weed pipe. They also offer the bonus of burning much longer than regular buds, so it might be a good idea to steer clear of one-hitters and metal pipes to keep the device from getting too hot.

3. Bongs
Moon rocks can be used in any kind of bong as long as you prepare them beforehand with a quick grind. The only trouble is, they will keep on burning, so it’s a good idea to save these gems for whenever you have company. Otherwise, you might find that most of your moon rocks will go up in smoke and into the air rather than into your lungs.

4. Rockets
Rockets are a relatively new concept that combines all the goodness of regular moon rocks and takes them to a whole new level. To make a moon rocket, you will need to cut up your rocks and roll a joint just as you normally would. The big difference comes next when you take a nice thin coating of your favorite marijuana concentrate and coat the outside of the joint. The final step is a hearty roll in kief, and finally you will have your very own moon rocket, which can be smoked like any other joint but can be up to 6 times more potent.

5. Blunts
Blunts are a popular choice amongst those who enjoy smoking marijuana, as they offer an added kick, thanks to the nicotine present in tobacco leaves. Moon rocks will only add to the strength of this combination, as they work perfectly in place of your average buds.

6. Cannabutter
Cannabutter can be made from almost any type of marijuana product, but cannabutter and cannabis oil will end up much more potent if you decide to use moon rocks instead. The best part is, you will need much less plant material for a strong brew which can save you money in the long run, if edibles are something that you truly enjoy on a regular basis.

7. Vaporizer
As long as you invest in the right kind of vaporizer, moon rocks can be perfect for vapers too! Just make sure that the vape is equipped to handle both buds and concentrates before attempting this feat yourself.

8. Weed tea/coffee
One of the latest cannabis trends is edibles beverages can often offer a faster and less intense version of the experience. To make your own weed tea with moon rocks all you have to do is either open up a bag of your, brand, and pack it full of moon rock grind or pull them apart and steep them in a hot cup of tea or coffee using a metal reusable teabag.

All about Moon Rockets  Including how to make your own at home


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