Marijuana concentrates

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:06 p.m. ET

Cannabis concentrates are a condensed form of THC that has been extracted from marijuana plants. With concentrates the average THC content ranges anywhere from 1%-99% THC, where the average raw cannabis plant will only contain 0.5%- 30% of the active compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the component that produces the psychoactive effects so commonly sought after by users. Concentrates include shatter, BHO, CO2, wax, honey oil, tinctures, dabs, capsules, and hash. The most significant difference in each product is the consistency and the solvents used during the process of extraction.

Types of marijuana concentrates

Shatter - is the term used to describe a hard glass-like concentrate that contains 25%-75% THC. Usually transparent and when heated will turn to liquid. Shatter contains no terpenes, but also containsthe least amount of impurities of any concentrate other than the tincture.

BHO - AKA butane hash oil is a concentrated form of THC that still contains most of the plant’s original terpenes and resins. It has a darker color and a thick liquid consistency and on average will have 15%-30% THC.

Wax - This one has the texture and look of candle wax and is moldable. Generally, a yellow. Pieces can be pressed together into a brick but will crumble apart with ease. Wax usually offers a window of 20%-50% THC.


Honey Oil - HO is one of the strongest THC oils you can make. It is transparent and clear or with a slight tinge of yellow. It may have the highest THC content but lacks the terpene content due to solvents used to extract THC that breaks them down. HO has a potential to contain 20%-80% THC.
Tinctures - A tincture is the best weed concentrate but is not made to be smoked. Instead, it is to be ingested either with a dropper, mixed into edibles, or encapsulated. Tinctures are considered the healthiest way to consume THC but have no terpene content.

Dabs - “Dabs” describes a method in which concentrates are smoked. When dabbing, instead of a lighter, a solid metal heating element is used to vaporize the concentrate. All concentrates can be considered dabs.
Capsules - Again a hard one to describe. Capsules can be filled with anywhere from 1%-99% THC, and any concentrate can be used in their making. Capsules are generally utilized by those who are using medicinally for a time-release effect.

Hash - Hash can take various forms and comes in a variety of colors and textures. THC content in hash can range from 25%-75% with its biggest advantage being that the methods used to extract THC for hash leave all the plant’s original terpenes in excellent condition, allowing for a much broader range of tastes.

What all concentrates have in common is that a solvent is used to collect a concentrated amount of THC. Making them quicker to ingest with the addition of much more powerful effects than just smoking the dried plant it is made from. All concentrates can be used in the making of vape juice, edibles, and capsules. For the most part, the difference you will see is the amounts of impurities in each one. With those that contain more having less THC and those that have more being considered pure. The strongest THC oil will also be the purest.



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