The best vape pens for smoke tricks (2019)

Published Sep 17, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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If you’ve caught one of our infamous vape tricks guides, then you are probably trying to figure out how to accomplish this entertaining feat at home. Though the professionals can make the task look easy, you might be surprised to learn that completing the most intricate vape tricks can take years to perfect and to do them you’ll need to be equipped with a few essential tools.

Strong lungs

In order to successfully complete vape tricks, you will need to have enough control over your breathing to exhale the vapor as you wish, rather than whenever your body decides to eject it from your lungs with force and without hesitation. Most vape pen consumers know that it can take quite a bit of practice to draw a sufficient amount of vapor into the lungs no matter what device is chosen, but the key is finding vape pens that can help to make it easier by producing a larger and thicker cloud that is much easier to manipulate.

The right vape pens

If you have attempted vape tricks without success and your tool of choice is an e-cig type vape pen, then the problem might lie in your device. Small vape pens were originally designed to help people quit smoking, and they certainly were not made for recreational cannabis consumers. That is because they are made to stay within a limit that is excellent for imitating a mild cigarette smoke feel, without the adverse consequences.

The best vape pens for smoke tricks are not the smaller e-cigarette versions that cost under $20 at your local head shop. What you will need is a more professional designed vape pen that will deliver a concentrated vapor cloud so that it doesn’t require such massive hits to get a lung full of smoke. Luckily, with the latest advancements in cannabis consumption technology, there are plenty of affordable vape pens that work great for smoke tricks if you know where to look.

The best vape pens for vape tricks

Some people think that vape tricks are performed with a mild concentrate rather than the ones that make us cough, but the truth is that vaping actually exercises your lungs. If you aren’t used to the action, it is perfectly normal and even expected to not be able to successfully pull off most vape tricks on your very first attempt.

You also need a vape pen that can achieve high-temperature ranges and a good airflow system, as every portion of your vape functions can heavily impact the quality of vapor that you can get from it.


1. Innokin iSub Apex
Cost: $120
Compatible with: Vape juice & marijuana concentrates

2. Singelei Fuchai GLO
Cost: $90
Compatible with: Vape juice

3.Freemax Twister
Cost: $70
Compatible with: Vape juice & marijuana concentrates

4. Innokin Plexar
Cost: $100
Compatible with: Marijuana concentrates

5. SX Mini G Class
Cost: $65
Compatible with: Vape juice & flowers & marijuana concentrates

6. Smok Alien
Cost: $150
Compatible with: Vape Juice & marijuana concentrates

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