The ultimate guide to vape tricks

Published Mar 15, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET

Vape smoke tricks can be just as entertaining as television and can be the perfect addition to any gathering or party. With just a little practice and a few tips, you could be wowing your friends in no time. Sound interesting? Then read on because this ultimate guide to vape tricks includes all the easiest and most challenging to master.

1. Smoke Rings

Smoke rings are one of the easiest vape tricks for beginners. They look like floating clouds in the shapes of an “o” and can be stacked on top of each other for a more dramatic effect. Many different vape tricks will require the making of an “o”, so this is the perfect place to start. To blow smoke rings, you will take a deep draw off your vape and hold the smoke at the back of your throat. Make sure your tongue is placed down and back in your mouth. Purse your lips than open them wide in a ring shape and then use the muscles in your throat to intermittently push smoke out.

2. Dragon

The dragon isn’t quite what some first think when they hear the name. There is no way to easily make it look like an actual dragon is escaping from your mouth. Instead, this one will make the vapor look like a dragon. To perform the Dragon vape trick, you will take a deep inhale from your vape and then forcefully blow it out your nostrils. This will make you look just like a smoking dragon and requires almost no skill making it a perfect vape trick for beginners.  

3. Bow Tie

The bow tie vape trick will make it look like you create a fancy bow tie as you perform your final inhale of the produced smoke. To begin, you will want to perfect blowing smoke rings first. You will make one large smoke ring and use your hands to move it towards your mouth. You will want to make your final draw strong directly in the center of the “o” which will make the two sides come together forming the shape of a bow tie.

4. Jellyfish

Want to make it look like you have a giant hovering jellyfish over you? That's what this one will do. The general idea is to create a large ring and then a smaller circle in the center of it that will form together and appear just like a jellyfish. You will blow one large single smoke ring and then draw it towards yourself using vape bending techniques like an entire open palm. Once you see it coming towards you, blow a second slightly smaller “o” towards it. The two should merge and flow through each other making a jellyfish shape.

5. Liquid Mist

The effect of the liquid mist will make drinks look like they are smoking potions. As long as there is at least ½ inch of space for the smoke to settle into you can serve an entire tray of drinks this way for a unique effect. For it to work best, you will want to use a chilled drink that the vapor will cling to. Use any cooled beverage and blow small clouds of smoke over-top of the glass. Wide-brimmed glasses work best. Then you can serve them to your friends for an entertaining experience.

6. Vapor Bubble


To make a vapor bubble, you will need a small plastic pop bottle. Cut it directly in the middle and keep the portion including the mouthpiece. Get some bubble solution and a container wide enough for the opening opposite of the mouthpiece to fit into. Fill the dish halfway with bubble liquid and place the open side of the pop bottle into the container to rest in the bubble mix. Take a large inhale off a vape, lift the bottle from the solution and then blow the smoke into the mouthpiece of the bottle. Thiswill blow a bubble that can be almost any size that will be filled with a thick, hazy vapor. When it pops, it will explode, and the vapor will travel more like liquid in all directions.

7. French Inhale

The French inhale involves inhaling the vapor through your nose as the smoke rises. To begin, you will want to take a substantial drag off a vape and then separate your lips just enough for the smoke to be able to escape. It will naturally flow upwards, and while it is, you are going to want to try to inhale it through your nostrils. This will likely tickle the first few times and feel a bit strange as it requires several facial movements at once. Despite this, the French Inhale is one of the easiest fanciest vape tricks for beginners there is out there.

8. Triangles

Triangles are one of the neatest vape tricks to see, mainly because the majority of vape tricks focus on o shapes rather than anything with pointed angles. Begin by taking a deep drag off your vape and blowing one large smoke ring. Use your forearm to make a pushing motion three times in the center of the circle. The smoke ring will immediately transform into a triangle. These can also be stacked or manipulated to make a really neat triangle rainbow effect much like smoke rings.

9. Vape Bending

Vape bending in various motions you can make mainly with your hands to move smoking o’s around the room. This can be done in many ways but will always begin with one or more smoking o’s. Then using your palm and open hand you can push the O’s to stack them or place them mid-air. You can also use your fingers to manipulate the smoke O’s into shapes or mini tornadoes. Or, you can get creative with smoke O’s by placing them on your fingers like rings for a laugh. Your options with vape bending are only as limited as your imagination.

10. Bull Ring

The point of the Bull Ring is to make you look like a bull with a giant ring on your nose like a bull. You essentially have to begin by learning how to blow small smoke rings with your nostrils instead of your mouth. Small forceful intermittent amounts of pressure will have the same effect when exhaling through your nose and they do through your mouth. Once you master nostril smoke rings, you will want to blow the biggest one you can, and then inhale the top portion of it back through your nose which will make it look like you have a nose ring. This is definitely one of the more complicated tricks and should be one of the last on this list you learn so if it’s taking you a while to get the hang of it, don’t fret. Practice makes perfect.

Remember, some of these tricks can take days weeks or months to perfect so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t succeeding on your first few attempts. Vape tricks are all about learning how to most effectively manipulate smoke which can take both time and patience.



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