Stoner themed cigarette cases perfect for holding joints or blunts

Published Nov 16, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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If you have been looking for the perfect cigarette case to store your fragile joints or blunts, then this is the place for you. Here we will highlight case options that are available online, affordable, and offer stoner-friendly designs that will make you proud to own one.  Whether you enjoy the flashier intent behind the stereotypical stoner garb and colors or prefer something that looks more elegant than fun, this is the place for you.

1. Hip Flask by Juror

Cost: $15.99

This is one of the most unique and well-concealed cigarette case options on the market. With a hip flask design that looks and feels real, thanks to a moving weight system that makes it sound like liquid is moving within, but when opened, inside you will find a trigger released capsule that is large enough to hold joints or blunts, and if you don’t need to carry too many on hand, there is even enough room for a grinder and other small weed accessories.
Where to buy: www.Amazon.ca

2. Cigarette Case by Smokies Toke Couture

Cost: $20-$50

It might seem like a bit of a dramatic price range for a simple cigarette case, but that’s because this entire line of holders is made with stoners in mind. You can get tiny, gold, pot leaf decal cases for $20 that are large enough to house 4 or 5 joints, or splurge on something extra fancy like the gold-encrusted bud that holds up to 20 joints or blunts with ease. For those who prefer a less obvious design, there are fairies, skulls, motorcycles, and everything else that you could think of available in this line.
Where to buy: www.smokiestoke.com

3. Cigarette case with a built-in lighter by The Cigarette Case Store

Cost: $9.95-$14.00

If you are seeking something that is designed to go the extra mile, then you might want to check out the cigarette case line by The Cigarette Case Store. Not only will you find hundreds of different features to choose from including discreet stash spots for weed accessories or buds, grinders and more, but the majority of the designs used are either stoner-friendly or 420 focused, including everything from flashy and brightly lit pot leaves to a more elegant silver-lined option. The choice is yours, and the options are more than affordable.
Where to buy: www.cigarettecasestore.com

4. Pot Leaf Cigarette Case by Be Wild

Cost: $7.99

Here you aren’t going to find a whole lot of choice like you will with some of the other website or companies, but you will see all affordable and simple stoner-friendly designs and colors. Choose from a basic pot leaf silhouette, a colorful and groovy cartoon leaf in detail, a digital cannabis plant on a black background, or a red, white and green Canadian flag, and you can have anyone that you’d like for the same low price.
Where to buy: www.bewild.com

5. Rasta King’s Legalize Marijuana Double-Sided Cigarette Case by Fujima

Cost: $5.95

This is one for the old school stoners who helped to fight to legalize cannabis for so many years. The front of the cigarette case features Rasta King yielding a giant blunt and a small, tasteful sign boldly advocating for marijuana legalization. While this might not be a war that we have to fight today, it is one that deserves recognition after so many lost their future and some even their lives to achieve such a fantastic feat that we all enjoy the benefits from today.
Where to buy: www.ebay.com

6. Silicone Silver Pot Leaf Cigarette Case by New Products Great Deals


Cost: $8.99

For those who enjoy the simpler things, there are two packs of these soft silicone cigarette cases. Each one features an identical pattern that includes diamonds and a tasteful silver pot leaf. The silicone adds strength, which results in the perfect case for blunts or joints, as it won't break even if you keep it stashed away in your back pocket, full of prerolls and weed accessories for easy access on the go.
Where to buy: www.ebay.com

7. The Tobacco Box by Marricreo

Cost: $110

This one might be a bit out of reach for those on a budget, but it’s quality reaches far beyond anything you have likely experienced before. The exclusive handcrafted cigarette case is made in Italy, and it helps to keep in the moisture while protecting your joints and blunts, and that’s not all. It comes with several separate compartments that make it easy to store your herb, weed accessories and joints all in one package.
Where to buy: www.artemest.com

8. Cannabis Leaf Nickel Cigarette Case by Pretty Grit

Cost: $30

These cigarettes cases might seem like a hefty investment, but the lifetime guarantee to hold up to whatever you can put it through makes it more than worth it. The nickel-plated design offers a hard scratch resistant surface that can help to keep it from sliding across slippery surfaces, and the simple bending hinge clasp makes it ideal for holding any sized joint that you happen to create.
Where to buy: www.prettygrit.com

9. Cigarette Case Box Lighter by FOCUS

Cost: $25

The affordable cigarette case from FOCUS is perfect for any budget, and with it, you will get a whole lot more than a safe place to put your stash. Included, you will find a neat adapter that will slide over any small BIC lighter, which will hold it safely stored away from moisture and help to make flicking the wheel so much easier with a comfort grip that protects the thumb.
Where to buy: www.lightershoponline.com

10. JVDF 14k Gold Cigarette Case

Cost: $1800

This one is designed and priced for the rich and powerful, but we had to show it off as the design and amount of shine this piece has is impossible to beat. While we might not all be able to enjoy one of these masterpieces, these two roll holders are an excellent addition to any cannabis enthusiasts collection.
Where to buy: www.theaubox.com

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