What are pre-rolled joints?

Published Mar 24, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET
Pre-Rolled joints are Pre-rolled convenience

What are you purchasing when you buy pre-rolled joints? You are getting a perfectly rolled ready to smoke joint. These are some of the most popular products available today in the budding marijuana business.

Here are some of the advantages that pre-rolled joints provide:

The cost can be low; often they are offered as a bonus at some dispensaries. Buy a certain amount then a pre-roll is thrown in free — great way to taste different strains without paying a higher price.

Some dispensaries will offer the pre-roll with different quality papers and wraps. Choices of material that will be used in the pre-roll are available at some dispensaries. You can choose a classic wood pulp paper which are the most popular, the rice paper made from all-natural ingredients is a great choice if you like a thin pre-roll.

A pre-roll is great for taking to a gathering. They are conveniently portable and require no additional paraphernalia. They allow the smoker to gauge the amount to consume because of the instant effects that are delivered. Nothing better than not having to roll one at the intermission of a musical event, this is perfect.

Let us look at what’s in a pre-roll: you can choose a specific strain to be in your pre-roll. Perhaps you have a blend of sativa and indica that you enjoy. The pre-roll of your choice could be a CBD high bud. It does depend on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a strain that is infused with a high content of THC, this is also available. The addition of kiefs,extracts or oils will make your pre-roll even more potent; this will also be reflected in the price of the pre-rolled joint.  

Now we can look at some of the not so great reasons to buy a pre-rolled joint.


If you are not buying a specific strain of pre-roll, you will not know what strain that you are smoking. If you are just looking for any joint that you don’t have to roll yourself, well perhaps this is the way for you to go.

Most pre-rolls are the trim or leaves, or bottom of the jar weed at best. It could be from several strains you will not know. When combined to make pre-rolled joints, these joints are often referred to as mystery or rainbow pre-rolls.

Some pre-rolls just don’t burn well. They may be packed too tight they become extremely hard to smoke. You may be purchasing pre-rolls that are mechanically rolled. The machine is not flawless and can make the finished product sub-standard. Pre-roll joints usually will contain between half a gram to a gram in each joint.

When purchasing your pre-roll,it is advisable to know your licensed provider or dispensary. Know their ethics, know if their products are clean and whether you are getting a good product or if you are just buying the ends or trim from some low-grade marijuana. This form of selling the product is perfect for dispensaries to utilize every part of their stock, no waste.

Sometimes it is nice to utilize this new-found legal way of having the government roll a joint for you. As always indulge responsibly and enjoy.



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