How to roll the perfect blunt

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:20 p.m. ET

To some people, blunts are the king of smoking methods. There are many ways to smoke the herb. I am going to talk about a popular way to do this. It is aromatic and sweet to the senses. When rolled correctly it will give you a very pleasurable experience.

Before we start making blunts, we should know what a blunt is. First, we need to purchase a cigar. The cigar tobacco is not needed. We will be using the wrapper only. It will become our primer: the weed will be used instead of the tobacco. Don't think it's easy; it is not that simple a feat to accomplish. There are some steps we need to take that requires patience and a steady hand. Follow along, and I'll tell you the easiest way to roll a blunt.

There are many blunt wrappers to choose from, and some of them are rolled in brown cigarette paper like the Rilos cigar. The more flavorful choices are rolled in tobacco leaves such as Cigarillo. Cigarillo blunt wrappers can be purchased in single wrappers or as entire cigars. Another type worth mentioning is the Swisher: how to roll a blunt with a swisher is similar to rolling all blunts. This cigar is reasonably priced and comes in a two pack. When it comes to rolling a blunt, these cigars are used similarly.

So are you ready to learn how to roll the perfect blunt? Let's get started. What type of cigar you choose will help in the rolling of your blunt. We will be using the old Dutch Master, these are cheap cigars that do not taste good, but their wrapper works well for rolling the blunt.

You will need to moisten the cigar, carefully slice along the length, and unroll it in one piece. Discard the tobacco. The outer leaf on the cigar will be used later for the finishing touches. The unrolling of this leaf is tedious but well worth it. You can set this aside for now.

Next is the inner leaf. You will find this much easier to handle. Let’s start rolling.


Is your weed ready? Ground weed is perfect for putting in blunts. Blunts will use more marijuana than a joint, the rule of thumb is around a gram per blunt.

Distribute the weed evenly to the inner left and roll it. Make sure it is moist enough to stick. Remember there is no sticky stuff to hold it together.

Our last step in making a great blunt is rolling the blunt back into the moist outer leaf. Trim any excess, and you will have your blunt ready.  That's all it takes! Now you know how to roll a perfect blunt.

Now, you might ask, how do you smoke this baby? We need to dry it out a bit first. Hold a lighter to one end of the blunt rotating the blunt as you do. Be careful not to burn it. Your blunt should be getting stiffer. Almost there, go ahead do the honors light it up and enjoy.

Your perfectly rolled blunts will be a welcomed commodity at your next social gathering, but remember to always toke responsibly, don’t toke and drive.



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