Check out these 5 weed home delivery services for Canadians

Published Jul 21, 2019 12:13 p.m. ET
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No way to get to your closest cannabis dispensary? Or maybe you would just prefer to stay in your PJs for the day off. No matter what your reason for wishing that marijuana products would magically show up at the door, this is a dream that can finally come true. Though not all pot delivery services work with legal dispensaries and vendors, most of them seem to provide a unique experience that most consumers were hoping to gain from legalization. If you have never used one for yourself and are wondering how the whole process works, then you should definitely check out these five home delivery services that are available in Canada.

1. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is a marijuana delivery service that covers a good chunk of Canada and the United States. Users can log on from almost anywhere and get connected with a variety of vendors. Choose from options like one-hour delivery to your door, same day delivery, or mail order services, and filter through recommendations with each. Their public rating system helps you to know how customers before you have felt about the services that they received, and a marijuana product specific search tool that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for, no matter how rare the strain.

2. Spruce

The big city is home to thousands of cannabis consumers, and it shows by the sheer number of marijuana dispensaries and delivery services that cover the area. Spruce has managed to remain at the top of their game, which speaks volumes as to the number of customers considering the other local competition. This one offers a wide range of products including both hemp and cannabis bud and other derived options like tinctures, beauty products, edibles, drinks, crystals, oil, and even clothing. The best part about this one-stop shop type of experience is that you will find new items each time that you scroll through the menu. So, if you don’t see something that catches your eye the first time around, you want might to check back in again in a few days, as the regular rotation of what is available switches every three days.

3. CannaBRB

This one is a Hamilton based delivery service, but they don’t actually deal with cannabis products at all. They are one of the few companies to stick to hemp based options that are entirely legal. You won’t find illegal dispensary listings here, only local homegrown hemp buds, concentrates, tinctures, and edibles that can be to your door in less than two hours for a fair price.


4. WheresWeed

Where is the weed? Seems like an excellent name for a weed delivery service, and this one is based out of the Toronto area where there is plenty of competition on the rise. Despite that, they maintain a firm hold on the local consumers who are seeking marijuana products like oil, tincture, vape pens, cartridges, pre-rolls, and pretty much anything else that you could possibly need for a good smoking session. Though they don’t specify how long it will take for a delivery, this service will connect you with local vendors that maintain same day delivery.

5. Order Jane

This woman owned and run cannabis delivery service began with the goal of bringing medical quality products to everyone that needs them. Order Jane can be used by anyone who lives in the Vancouver area, and they offer the same day delivery, a discreet E-transfer payment method, and peace of mind with high-quality products to suit any need. Here you will find everything from marijuana edibles to tinctures and oils which are items that most dispensaries do not carry.

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