Same day home delivery in Ontario from OCS

Published Mar 8, 2019 03:26 p.m. ET

The growth of the e-commerce business is contingent on the delivery methods being expedited. Currently, the only legal method of obtaining legal cannabis in Ontario is through the online store.

At the commence of the legalization of cannabis in Ontario on October 17th the OCS faced lengthy delivery delays. The delivery delay along with a supply issue was a huge problem in the first month of operation of the only legal way to purchase cannabis in Ontario.

The private physical stores for the purchase of legal cannabis edibles are set to open on April 1,2019.

There is no confirmation,but the date of March 1, 2019, has been rumored as a starting date for a delivery option. Such a weed delivery service is desperately needed. This service is also rumored to be offered in a pilot program that will end on Dec 31, 2019.

OCS has indicated that the initial trial will be concentrated on weed delivery in the greater Toronto area. The potential to expand the delivery area to other regions in Ontario is on the table for discussion.

Customers of the OCS have indicated from the onset of the online cannabis store to provide same-day service or an option for expedited delivery service.

The OCS has put forth the date of Feb 4, 2019, as the last date for interested parties to submit their interest in obtaining the contract for this means of delivery. The successful bidding contract has been estimated at a $450,000 value.


It is no surprise that the OCS would like to get their product into the hand of the consumer in a timelier manner. Currently, the only means of delivery is via Canada Post.

The requirements to qualify for the same-day service will entail the companies to provide background checks of the employees who will be doing the delivery. Electronic records that prove the delivery was to an adult of legal age will have to be provided. The cost of same-day delivery to the customer is still up in the air. The pricing proposal will be discussed in the second part of the contract competition.

According to the OCS,they have filled over 400,000 orders since the legalization in October 2018. It appears that online sales have decreased. The OCS reported 150,000 orders in the first week.

Another province in Canada is providing home delivery for its customers. Some online dispensaries in Vancouver are offering a 60-minute delivery window. The company states they will deliver premium top-shelf marijuana to your door. They claim they are not charging you with a delivery fee. You need to provide two pieces of valid identification and be 21 years of age or over.

Well, it seems that the legalization of cannabis in Canada has fired up all aspects of the budding business. The whole spectrum of the Cannabis business, from the beginning to the final product has changed how Canadians are viewing the cannabis plant. It will be interesting to see what happens within the Canadian cannabis industry over the next few months. As always, remember to indulge responsibly and enjoy!



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