Cannabis cup winning products from 2020

Published Jan 13, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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This year 420 events were cancelled or postponed, and those that did go ahead did so in a much different manner than any other. 2020 for cannabis judging became the year of remote access and democratizing the voting process.

The Cannabis Cup is a cannabis trade show that takes place yearly and it's sponsored by High Times. The event has sometimes been referred to as the highest-profile trade show in the legalized cannabis industry, and it's been a tradition for thirty years. The cup is only held in those states that have legalized, be it medical or recreational cannabis, and each year a winning cannabis strain is proudly announced. High Times has been handing out winning awards since 1988.

The Cannabis Cup winners of 2020 were picked from thousands of regular people's thoughts and opinions of what each state has to offer the cannabis enthusiast. This method is different from previous years, where a select group of judges was involved in the judging process. Dispensaries and their cannabis consumers located across all states were involved in the process using Cup kits.

The Cup kits were shipped to dispensaries in each state, and the committee offered 224 kits per category. This year the organizers wanted to make the experience of being a judge more accessible. The products from the 2020 Cannabis Cup would also be made available for the public to purchase.

COVID-19 did present some barriers for the usual venues at past Cannabis Cup events. However, globally, committed cannasseurs did not deter from the tradition and commitment to crown and judge the business's best buds. The word virtual became a game player in the Cannabis Cup events.

Cannabis cup 2020 winning products in Colorado

Spritzer strain grown by Hummingbird Brand took the coveted:

  • First Place in the quality category

  • Third place in the potency category

If this winner interests you, then you might also want to check out:

  • The Farm in Boulder.

The brand Indico dominated the flower category in Colorado, with Sour Strawberry and Mandarin Sunset strains. The contest involved three categories for flower, two categories for edibles, and one category for topicals, pre, roll, and concentrates.

If these 2020 products interest you, check out:

  • Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique in Denver

  • The Canna Cabinet in Pueblo CO

Pagosa Therapeutics was also in the winning products category with the strain Jabberwocky. The strain is their own grow and available through their dispensary located at:

  • Pagosa Springs, CO.

Cannabis cup 2020 winning products in California

Top Shelf Cultivation has an award-winning brand Whoa-Si-Whoa. The strain won for Indica.

If these products interest you, they are available at:

  • Roots Dispensary in Sun Valley CA

Honeydew Farms won the Sativa category with the sun-grown Gelonade


If these products interest you, they are available at:

  • Mankind Dispensary in San Diego

  • Greenhouse Herbal Center in Hollywood

  • Jingletown Cannabis Club in Oakland, CA.

Mohave Reserve produced the Best Hybrid winner, Zkittlez Mints.

If these products interest you, they are available at:

  • Connected in Sacramento

Best OG Kush Flower winner went to Oaksteram OG by the brand Originals.

If these products interest you, they are available at:

  • Originals Factory and Store in Los Angeles

Cannabis cup 2020 winning products in Washington

Washington Cannabis Cup winners from the Sun Cup include CannaSol Farms, whose indica-dominant Blackwater was given the honour of Best Sun grown THC flower.

A Sativa named Lemon Meringue won for the Best Light Deprivation THC Flower.

Product is available for purchase at:

  • Buddy’s in Renton

  • The Novel Tree in Bellevue

  • The Reef in Seattle

Final words

Each Cannabis cup event is more than just a trade show with pot. Every Cannabis Cup event is aimed at providing a chance to learn from the cannabis pros. 2020 Cannabis cups were different from past years due to the COVID pandemic. However, the goal of facilitating the learning potential, although presented differently, was well accepted. As we move into 2021, perhaps the cannabis market, like many others, will return to the face-to-face trade shows and venues that we have come to appreciate, but whichever platform is chosen, the purpose will remain the same.

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