What is the Cannabis Cup?

Published Feb 13, 2019 03:00 p.m. ET

To start with, for those that are new to the topic, we will need to what the Cannabis Cup is and how long it has been in progress to end up as the incredible event that it is today. The Cannabis Cup is hosted by High Times Magazine and is largely touted as the biggest and most inclusive cannabis-focused festival in the entire world. Originally founded in 1988 by Steven Hager, the Cannabis Cup has since been a yearly celebration that takes place every November in the heart of Amsterdam. The event draws in hundreds of thousands in participants and spectators that all take part in live entertainment including music and comedy, as well as hundreds of educational seminars, cannabis-based contests, and expos that help to shine a little light on many different producers and manufacturers of marijuana products from almost everywhere in the world.


Interested in taking part in some of the most world-famous contests that happens yearly at the Cannabis Cup? These are just some of the most popular and recurring challenges that anyone can enter.

Cannabis Tasting - The most prominent part of the event is the giving of Cannabis Cups to winners who have been voted to have the very best product. This title is granted by a panel of judges that have traveled from all over the globe and are known for their ability as pot connoisseurs. Where dry herb is concerned, there are a few specific points each entry will be graded on. They include the best taste, the best smell, THC content, CBD content, and the most aesthetically appealing. Challengers are divided by the kinds of strains they bring to the table into three categories: Indica, sativa, and hybrids which are all judges and awarded separately.

Concentrates - The second most popular contest is the one that involves a limited number of entries. This competition is all about concentrates. Contestants have their cannabis concentratestried, tested, and tasted by a panel of judges. Concentrates are rated based on flavor, potency, and purity. Unlike with other High Times Cannabis Cup challenges, this one is primarily focused on the purity of the concentrates provided with several of the most recent world records being held by Cannabis Cup winners.


Edibles - Ever been to a good old-fashioned bake-off? This challenge is similar with the most significant difference being that players can create their edible treats before they arrive, giving them plenty of time to prepare the best tasting dish they possibly can that must be presented in the form of 12 individual servings to be divided amongst 12 judges for testing. Edibles are judged on their potency and their visual appeal, but the determining factor for the winner of this category is almost always taste.


It can be a bit difficult to predict the events that may or may not take place at the Cannabis Cup, what we can do is give you an idea of what to expect from prior years. Though contests tend to stay the same with minor changes, the entertainment that is brought in every year is always new. At Cannabis Cup 2018 the Cannabis Cup in house band rocked the stage but didn’t exactly wow visitors the way they had hoped for. For the future, they have announced the introduction of one new band or musician each year that will be performing from then on. Smaller events and challenges listed on the website from the Cannabis Cup 2018 include the best cannabis tea, the best cannabis steak sauce, the best smoking device, and the best grinder. All of which grant winners the chance to bring home official Cannabis Cups while also promising them a spot in cannabis history as a winner of the world’s most popular marijuana based contest in the world.



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