5 Ways to infuse a pizza with cannabis

Published Dec 30, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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We’ve already covered the simplest cannabis-infused recipe out there, but simple isn’t always better. In fact, in most cases, easy edibles are far less delicious than the alternatives that require a bit more hard work. For that reason, we wanted to take the time to show you five of the best approaches you can take to make a cheesy weed pizza that tastes exactly how you’ve always hoped by processing the ingredients to reduce any lingering green flavors.

1. Canna-flour

You can’t make a good homemade pizza without a large batch of dough for the crust, and this is the perfect place to add cannabis to the equation using infused flour as a base.

2. Canna-cheese

Cannabis-infused cheese can be tricky, but we promise that the results are more than worth it, and we’ve even got an easy step-by-step guide that will take you there. Whether you want cheddar or mozzarella on your pie, we’ve got you covered! This one does take quite a while to make, though, so be sure to keep that in mind.

3. Cannabis-infused pizza sauce

Pizza sauce already has oil in it, which is why it’s so thin, smooth, and spreadable, so it’s an easy move to toss a bit of cannabis oil into the mix. If you’re making the sauce from scratch, then you might want to consider the next option on this list, canna-sugar.

4. Canna-sugar

Cannabis-infused sugar can be added to melted cheese, the crust, or a thick, velvety pizza sauce, where the tart tomato base will work to cover up any potential out-of-place flavors from emerging.

5. Cannabis oil-soaked meats or veggies

The final and most unique way to tackle the job is by soaking your toppings in a nice heat-safe oil for up to an hour before draining them and tossing the infused pieces onto your pizza. It’s not the most ideal way to do this, as alot will be wasted, but many feel that it impacts the taste and texture of a cheesy pie the least.

Tips and tricks

Now that you know how to add weed to a pizza, it’s time to focus more on the smaller details that can make a world of difference in the quality and functionality of this dish.

1. Reduce the amount of infused ingredients as needed

Technically you could replace all of the called-for flour in a pizza dough recipe with the cannabis-infused variety, but that would be incredibly potent and come with a noticeable taste difference that might not be enjoyed by all. Instead, it’s best to use only half canna-flour and the other half a regular non-infused type for balance.

2. Cook the cannabis pizza at low temperatures

High heat may damage the delicate cannabinoids within the pizza no matter how deeply they may be buried, so it’s important to remember to bake this dish at the lowest temperature possible to avoid that possibility.

3. Do not reheat weed pizza in the microwave

Microwaves kill everything that goes into them, which is why they aren’t recommended for cooking vegetables or meat, as the radiation will break down essential nutrients, and they’ll do the same thing to cannabinoids, so it’s best to avoid this method of reheating whenever possible. Instead, use an oven set to low heat to preserve the power within.

4. Experiment until you find one you love

Each person's needs and tastes differ greatly, so what’s great for a friend might not be the best solution for you, and the only way to find out for certain is to experiment with all of the many possibilities. All it’ll take is a single taste, and you’ll soon know how you feel about the whole thing. Also, don’t be surprised if you don’t get it right the first time, because as you might already know, edibles are a finicky bunch that take time and patience to figure out.

5. Infusing more than one ingredient is always an option

If you’ve tried infusing just one ingredient and the results have yet to impress, then it’s good to note that it’s possible and even appealing to use more than one to produce a more potent weed pizza. Just know that doing so may make the green taste a bit stronger than usual, so it’s really only a solution for those who enjoy the earthy flavor.

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